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Online Since : November 18, 2012

Pay per click up to : $ 0,0025 – $ 0,001

Refral click up to : 20% of click value

Available Ads per Day : more than 20 ads

Minimum Payout :  $ 2 USD

Payment processors : PayPal, Payza, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin

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    Clixten Admin (Monday, 01 August 2016 08:51)

    Hi dear members,
    For over 3 years and 9 months (45 months) we are constantly updating our system with new security options, lot of new features that are avaible on this moment on Clixten and more that will come live. At this moment our members are able to earn a stable income from over 15 ways that we are offering to everyone. A great achievement have been made tonight by all of you, our members, that got paid until now $345.000+

    For the 500.000 Achievement we will give to all new members that will register until 31 august 2016 Free Silver for 7 days.

    HOT DEALS (avaible until 31 august)

    Deal #1
    All Deposits over $100 will get you a Deposit Bonus for up to 25% (more details on the end of this topic)

    Deal #2
    PTC Credits now cost $0.20 CPM, this means you will pay as low as $0.20 for 1000 views

    Deal #3
    Banner Credits now cost $0.02 CPM, this means you will pay as low as $0.02 for 1000 views

    Deal #4
    Fresh points contest with prizes of $1.000 (more informations)

    Deal #5
    Rented Referral disscount with 5% on renew
    30 days: 5% |=| 60 days: 15% |=| 90 days: 25% |=| 180 days: 30% |=| 240 days: 35% |=| 365 days: 40%
    Regarding "Deal #1" the deposit bonus is :
    - $100 ~ $199 = 10% bonus
    - $200 ~ $499 = 15% bonus
    - $500 ~ $999 = 20% bonus
    - $1.000+ = 25% bonus

    I want to thank you to all our members and our company personal that is composed of 8 person beside me and the Clixten moderators for theirs hard work keeping our SC Xten-Group SRL growing day by day.

    Pascal Mihaela (SC Xten-Group SRL ~ CEO)

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    Clixten - Admin (Tuesday, 12 July 2016 08:27)

    Update for : 4 July 2016
    - new earning feature is avaible : Offers4all Wall
    (can be found on the floating menu like the rest of the earning oportunities)
    - new earning feature is under development, more will be announced soon

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    Clixten - Admin (Thursday, 14 April 2016 09:38)

    MinuteStaff earnings have been raised by 25% from this moment
    - new earning feature is avaible : Ad Click Wall
    - ''Earn More'' have been switched into two sub-menu's :
    _______ ''Earn More I'' - can be found internal earning oportunities
    _______ ''Earn More II'' - can be found Offerwalls earning oportunities
    - new sub-menu have been added on the floating menu : ''VOTE 4 US'' where can be found 3 websites where you can vote for Clixten
    - new earning features are being under development, stay closed, enjoy the actual offerwalls and be active on the forum

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    Clixten - Admin (Monday, 04 April 2016 22:36)

    added a new payment processor - SolidTrustPay ( avaible for withdraw from 2 may 2016 )
    - offer for SolidTrustPay deposits : ( avaible until 2 may 2016, for bonuses open a ticket )
    _______ - deposits from $5 to $99 get 10% BONUS to purchase balance
    _______ - deposits from $100 to $499 get 15% BONUS to purchase balance
    _______ - deposits from $500 to $999 get 20% BONUS to purchase balance
    _______ - deposits over $1.000 will get 25% BONUS to purchase balance

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    Clixten - Admin (Tuesday, 15 March 2016 14:45)

    Update for : 14 march 2016
    - Special offer from MinuteStaff : Until 16 March 2016 all memebers will earn 50% more from offers
    ( this is a gift from them after the problems with theirs offerwall from the others days )

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    Clixten - Admin (Friday, 04 March 2016 19:31)

    Hi dear members,
    In the last two weeks we fight with a paypal for the limitation without appeal they given to our business for the reason that they dont accept this kind of bussiness even is a legal registered business and comply with the EU regulations as they, because paypal is a company that is established in Luxembourg.
    After we send to them all the company documents, last sunday we wake up with the limitation without apeal option, monday our lawyers in the morning called them and provided to paypal more informations about our company and more legal documents that we are a legal registered business with personal, that is on a continuesly grow and we dont represent a danger to paypal or to members that use our services.
    But this morning we got a call from paypal to announce us that everything is solved related to our limitation, and from this morning our apeal is denied and we will not be able to use paypal anymore.

    We will bring paypal into the court because not only Clixten will be affected, even the hosting company ( and the webdesign company ( will be allso affected, because there are servers to be paid, companies that work for us from others countried, everything is affected because of paypal decision.

    By next ween we will open a process against paypal and we will let everyone know what will happen during the process. Theirs reason said that they dont accept this kind of business and theirs rulles are being broken because of Clixten, but there are much bigger companies that are doing the same business as Clixten and they are not being affected.

    We dont give up on Clixten, and everything will continue as usually, members will be paid daily throught Bitcoin, Payza, Perfect Money and Payeer and others companies that will be implemented so more members to be able to use our services.

    For over 3 years and 4 months we have managed to pay daily our members without any issues or delays.

    Over 99% of ptc websites are being closed within 1-3-6 months but we succeded to stay online and extend our business for more then 3 years, we succeeded to extend to offline advertising, webhosting company, webdesign company and many more in plan to extend for this year.

    Here is our payment plan, only paypal depositors will be affected, but we have sollutions for everyone :

    1. If never deposit by paypal or your deposit by paypal is under 50% of total deposit you are freely to withdraw without any kind of restrictions.

    2. If you deposit by paypal more then what you deposit by other payment processor and want to withdraw you need to deposit more throught other payment processor till the paypal deposit is under 50% of total deposit amount.

    3. If you deposit only by paypal and you never withdraw, you can open a dispute and deposit atleast 50% back throught other payment processor in order to withdraw.

    4. If you deposit only by paypal ($100 as example) and withdraw $500 throught paypal (example) you can open a dispute but in other to withdraw throught other payment processor you need to deposit atleast 101$ with the new paymnent processor you preffer to be paid.

    The last days was a nightmare for me and for the Xten-Group SRL personal/stuff. But we are here, we dont give up on our project, our limit was the sky, but on this case was paypal but we will pass over this and the limit remains the sky.
    We dont stop here, more payment processors will come, and more earning oportunities and our business will not stop here, we will continue expand, stay close and thank you for being beside us for such a long period of time and i hope you dont leave us because of paypal.

    Pascal Mihaela (SC. Xten-Group SRL ~ CEO)

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    Clixten - Admin (Tuesday, 01 March 2016 09:23)

    Hi dear members,
    I am glad that working for you guys, we succeded to raise our bussiness. In 2012 Clixten was lunched, in 2013 we opened the webhosting company and in 2014 launched the webdesign company,on 2015 we have added more earning options on Clixten and hired more personal to the company, and we are in a continuesly raising so not only the ptc members to be able to use our services.

    For the 2016 our company will launch a new business activity domain, more informations will be released soon !!!

    We have extended on offline business too on real estate business and preparing to go on a restarurant franchise too. So we are on continuesly expansion of our business.

    Also i want to announce a hot and fresh points contest with prizes of $1.000 (more informations)

    With this occasion all new members will get Free Silver for 1 week only !!!!
    With this occasion i bring to all our members this HOT offers for 1 month !!!!

    Memberships HOT Offers : (for bonus open ticket)
    - Buy Silver membership and get 2 DR + 10 RR
    - Buy Golden membership and get 10 DR + 40 RR
    - Buy Elite membership and get 40 DR + 200 RR
    - Buy Ultimate membership and get 100 DR + 500 RR

    Advertising HOT Offers : (for bonus open ticket)
    - Buy 1.000.000 PTC Ad credits and get 1 million banner credits
    - Buy 1.000.000 Banner credits and get 100.000 banner credits
    - Buy 1 month Fixed Ad (10s) and get 1 month grid link + 1 million banner credits
    - Buy 1 month Fixed Ad (5s) and get 1 month grid link
    - Buy 3 months Grid and get 1 month extra

    In the end i want to make our 2nd and the last terms fo services update regarding waiting period until members will be paid. The number of days until a member will be paid will be raised from 15 to 20 business days.
    Also since last week we are having some issues with our main payment processor, they asked us to remove it from deposits because they did not recognized our company documents to be legal. We contacted our lawyer and they provided again all our company documents and this week they said everything should be back to normal. On the end of this topic i have assigned our company documents to prove our legacy on the front of the law. We never give up and stand back on any problems of issues, we had ddos atacks, some of our servers was hardware affected due the atacks in the last 3+ years because of our competitors, we had over 4 paypal verifications and we passed all, we never stopped anything and this because how our members supported us for such long time we will not give up on them. We never announced the members on the last 4 limitations because is our job to solve this and not the members, members need a website to satefisy theirs needs and not to concern about our problems.

    Thank you everyone for being part of this great community !

    Pascal Mihaela (SC. Xten-Group SRL ~ CEO)

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    Clixten - Admin (Tuesday, 23 February 2016 08:46)

    Hi, dear members,
    How our company is highly raising there will be made some temporarely changes.
    In the first row, since 2014 we had over 500 requests for a new payment processor, and finally we succeeded to add it, is all about Payeer, a payment processor that is easy to use, can be added funds to it throught more then 20 of ways such as Western Union, Credit Cards, OKPay, Payza and many more. The minimum to add funds throught Payeer is only $2.00 and withdraw fees are only $0.05 and 2%. As good news regarding Payeer for each deposit you make until 29 february everyone will get 10% deposit bonus. Also due the high number of requests we have lowered the withdraw fees for all payment processors to only $0.05 and 2% (before was $0.10 and 2%). Due the high number of payments requests, the limited number of hired personal is not able to verify over 5.000 accounts daily in order to be paid (verifications means you cashout, we verify your refferals, your upline, your refferals refferals, your deposits, your earnings, your account history and logs, and by paying 50 users a day takes 90% of time, and the tickets and others work on Clixten is not able to be done in 24 hours. We allready started to receive CV's and until we complete hiring 5 more staff agents, the payments will be cleared upto 15 business days TEMPORARELY. After this we will decrease back to 10 business days or even to 5 business days.
    Being online for over 3 years and almost 4 months online, we never stop to improve our system and offer different ways to earn on Clixten and provide more withdraw options to so more people to be able to receive the earnings that people realize on our system. During this week the Paypal deposits are being stopped, the withdraws are avaible so everything continuesly as normally. Meanwhile within couple of days a new earning oportunity will be released, so stay tunned.

    Pascal Mihaela (SC. Xten-Group SRL ~ CEO)

  • #1 (Friday, 05 February 2016 08:49)

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