Recyclix is a pioneering company that is unique in the world. Our key objective is to smartly fuse together the opportunities of the Internet and business in order to help the recycling industry develop as efficiently as possible. Recyclix implements and controls various investment projects in Europe and has its head office located in Warsaw. In the near future we are planning to broaden our influence in other countries too. We have been collaborating with leading international companies engaged in production and recycling of plastic for a long time. Our team consists of highly-qualified experts who boast wide industry experience as well as unique skills and knowledge. It’s thanks to their work, which is backed by the highest corporate and professional ethics standards, that we achieve excellent results within the shortest possible deadlines. Our aim is to protect interests of all our project’s participants and run our business in a smart way. Every registered user by default becomes both a prosperous business affiliate and a real environmentalist. Recyclix uses only environmentally friendly technologies that don’t harm the ecosystem and help restore it. We combined ecology and business because we believe that our future is all about these two things! We earn and invite you to earn with us. Mutually rewarding collaboration is the ticket to success of every project and our service is not an exception.

We make it possible for you to earn by providing you open access to sale and purchase of recyclable materials on the international market using our website. Our company arranges and controls the recycling process, whilst you simply participate in purchasing the raw materials for their following processing and sale! It all works as simple as ABC: you purchase the waste, we recycle it for you, and then sell it. Recyclix takes waste that no one wanted and turns it into high-technology materials that can be used in many various industries. For example, we take used LDPE and turn it into granules that are afterwards used for production of common black trash bags as well as certain pipes and other plastic items.


We want to make the standard European recycling model even more profitable and technically impeccable using our online service with path-breaking capabilities. Whilst we are always up-to-date on the major changes in the recycling industry economy in Europe thanks to close ties with representatives of the industry government bodies.

Our another aim, which is by no means unimportant, is to provide long-term and consistent income to every participant of our project irrespective of what kind of partnership scheme they opted for. Success of our business partners is all about production growth, expanding geographically, and high profitability. We want our partners to earn more because it’s profitable for us too.


Recycling of plastics is the most profitable field in recycling industry:

Consumption of plastics has grown by 20 times during last 50 years;

86% of European plastics is exported to China;

Only 20% of all plastic in the world is recycled, the rest is still burned;

Recycling industry profits in 2014 are measured at 372 bln EUR.

The statistics is self-explanatory. The industry possesses a vast potential for growth, whilst there is almost no market competition and the government doesn’t support the industry well enough for launching the necessary amount of facilities. Currently the recycling industry is one of the most promising and profitable low-risk investment fields!

Europe ranks second in the global production of plastic materials at 20%, whilst China ranks first at 24,8%. More to that, demand for plastic is continuously growing and the plastic industry growth has a far-reaching effect on various crucial European economic sectors. Plastics industry is a factor that plays a key role in development of innovations in many fields of science not only in Europe, but around the world too.


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    Recyclix - Admin (Thursday, 28 July 2016 21:36)

    Summer Update / Open Days in Poland

    Dear Recyclers,

    Around the world summer is thought to be a relaxed and slow season when nothing much happens and you can simply slow down with everything, get some rest, and enjoy the moment under the warm sunrays.

    However, we at Recyclix prefer not to lose time and take advantage of every single day, working hard to make our company better for the sake of a cleaner and healthier world as well as your financial stability and personal growth.

    This summer turned out to be the busiest, most successful, and most productive season ever since the establishment of our company. And though it’s still not over, it was full of work on helpful features and developments in our website, foundation of new recycling plants, and business trips where major deals were arranged. Today we would like to tell you about the progress we’ve made over the last month.

    In our previous newsletters we told you a lot about our Open Days — which proved to be a real success and a highly efficient tool of getting the close-knit community of Recyclix together and brainstorming exciting business ideas — and mentioned about the next event of this kind where you are invited.

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    Recyclix - Admin (Thursday, 28 July 2016 21:37)

    Currently we already have the exact dates for the Second Recyclix’s Open Days and it will be held from September 20 to September 23 in Poland. We will be waiting for all those of you who are interested in joining Recyclix team members and dozens of like-minded investors in numerous inspirational business discussions, enlightening Q&A sessions, guided tours, revealing the most ambitious plans that we will make a reality, and lots of fun.
    The guests will be met on September 20 in Berlin, Germany, accommodated and transferred to the Polish city of Zagan, close to the German border, where the event will take place.

    As soon as we receive the confirmation of rental of the castle where participants of the Second Official Recyclix’s Open Days will stay, we will publish a link to the website where you will be able to sign up for this event.

    Please remember that costs associated with transportation to Berlin, Germany, are covered by the participants themselves and be sure to stay tuned for more details.

    Now it’s time to pass on to the news about the business growth that Recyclix experienced over the last month. Waste recycling became a really important issue in Europe since the EU government signed laws that prohibit proliferation of landfills and seek to put burial and burning of plastic waste to an end by 2020.

    This July Recyclix made yet another important step towards making this goal a reality. We have signed an important long-term contract with the Dutch department of McDonalds for collecting of plastic packaging and its further recycling at our plants. Apart from helping clean the world from harmful plastic waste, which otherwise might have ended up at landfills, this business deal makes us one step closer to becoming the Europe’s biggest recycling company that processes almost 2800 tons of plastic waste every month and keeps growing at an extremely rapid rate.

    Another crucially important thing that we would like to share with you today is the commencement of construction of a new massive waste processing plant in the Polish city of Łobez. In 12 months — when the construction works will be over and the plant will be up and running — it will produce over 2000 tons monthly of LDPE, PE and PP granules that will be used by dozens of European businesses to make high-quality and eco-friendly goods for thousands of people all around the world.
    Investments in the new waste recycling plant amount to 15 million EUR, which is so far one of the largest investments of Recyclix and a huge leap ahead. This victory is both yours and ours and we are really grateful to all of you for staying with us and trusting us. We will keep you posted on all developments about this project in the next newsletters.
    To conclude this newsletter, we would like to let you know that on 21st of July accounts that were received no deposits so far, were permanently closed. Newer accounts have 60 days within date of registration to be active through a personal deposit. This condition — which we announced on our May newsletter and via Facebook earlier and reflected on our terms was made in order to mainstream the workflow of Recyclix’s website and unload our database.
    As a finishing touch, we invite all of you to join our official page on Facebook ( ) to keep up with the latest Recyclix’s updates, developments, and news as well as enjoy tons of exciting content about the world of recycling that will come out really soon.

    Remember that working with Recyclix means having loyal support of thousands of people in the EU and around the world, live in harmony with the nature and the world, feel safe about your family and the next generations, and prosper financially. It is being who you really want to be.