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    Familyclix - Admin (Thursday, 28 July 2016 15:50)

    Instant withdrawals implemented!!

    Hello people.

    We have massive news for you!

    From now on all members except baby and baby plus members will be able to withdraw money INSTANTLY.

    Instant withdrawals works for Payza, Perfect Money and Payeer.
    Bitcoin and OkPay withdrawals we will still process manually.

    All the best,
    Maria and Juan

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    Familiyclix - Admin (Thursday, 01 September 2016 20:39)

    ello guys.

    We have implemented free auto-recycle for all members.

    How it works?

    If you have rented referrals and if they stop clicking, after xx days system will replace (recycle) them for free. For baby and baby+ membership system will recycle inactive rented referrals if they do not click last 7 days, brother and sister membership after 6 days, other memberships after 5 days.

    That's how it looks:

    So, when system replace your inactive referral in section ''Ref Since'' will be visible date of replacement, not original date when you rented referral. It is very important to know, do not be confused with it.

    If for some reason you do not like auto-recycling, you can disable it in your referral page. Now it is enabled for all by default. But please note, if you recycle manually, you will pay a price.

    All the best,
    Maria and Juan

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    Familyclix - Admin (Sunday, 11 September 2016)

    FamilyClix News

    2 years online and paying

    To celebrate success we have promo from today to September 17:

    - Deposit $10 - $99 and get 10% bonus
    - Deposit more than $100 and get 15% bonus.
    - For every $100 deposit, you will get also 1 free revenue share package!

    Read more here: