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    Cliquesteria - Admin (Thursday, 29 September 2016 18:46)

    As some of you already know me, I wanted to create something new, something interesting and different from the regular point contests; and here it comes the first mirror points contest. Simultaneously, in both the Cliquebook and Cliquesteria, you may start earning points as regularly:

    Points per direct referral: 15
    Points per ptc click: 1
    Points per forum post: 1 ( Do not spam please, you will get disqualified)
    Points per dollar deposited: 10

    The Member who gathers the most points will get the 1st Place. The interesting part is that if the same member wins the both contests then his cash will be doubled. It will be for the first 3 places only!!! Thus the 1st place winner will get 300 x 2 =600$. I think it will be quite a cool motivation to start earning points right now!!!

    Like I always say, please do not cheat, a cheater will get anything but a disqualification!!! For cheats are considered things like:

    1. Creating multi- accounts
    2. Getting direct referrals who are mostly inactive. ( There are some sites where you may create an offer and thus get some referrals who will click one day only and then stop. And you will pay them for that. It will be considered as a cheat. Please have in mind that!)
    3. Purchasing of a service and then opening a dispute and claiming your money back. The points will be automatically deducted and you will be disqualified and your account suspended.
    4. If most of your new direct referrals use Autoclicking softwares. And if you use Autoclick program.

    I reserve the option to disqualify everyone who competes unfairly!

    And in order to make the contest even more attractive, you will have the chance to purchase services from the New Mirror Promo Days, that are coming very soon. ( probably tomorrow or on Friday) For the ones who do not get any reward, then still can convert their points to cash via our internal system transfer option.

    The contest starts today and will expire on the 27th of October 2016 at 23:59:59H server time. And let the best one wins!!!

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    Cliquesteria - Admin (Tuesday, 09 August 2016 15:29)

    1st Cliquey Direct Referral Contest
    Dear Members,
    I know you are quite for it now. And here it is, The First Cliquey Direct Referral Contest Is ON !!!
    Here is how the Cash Prizes will be distributed:
    Cash Prizes
    The First Place Winner plus the Top2nd and Top3rd places, may get additional stimulation from me ! It depends on how successful will be the contest. Do not forget to check for any updates during the contest !!!
    As Always Some of You will be Banned if you use CHEATS like:
    1. Multi Account Creation
    2. Proxy Using, All kinds starting with VPN.
    3. Getting Inactive Direct Referrals, from some places where you pay for Quality, not for Quantity. I think you know that sites where you pay in order to get 10-50-100 DR, but you get them totally inactive.
    4. All kind of cheats, like Autoclickers, Bot software, Fake Email Generators, etc will not be tolerated as well !!!

    I am in this business for quite a long time and I will be happy to see a Fair Competition, just like we watch it on the Olympic Games

    Let the Competition begin !!! It will end on the 6th of September 2016, 23:59:59 server time !!!