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    TrueBit - Admin (Sunday, 30 October 2016 17:09)

    Dear investors,

    TrueBit has been online for one month and we are very happy to bring a good news to all of our clients. We have over 1200 active members in our project, and the numbers is constantly growing. $230,000 that had been involved in the project. Highest investor level in one deposit has increased from first weeks $800 to now $5000 on one single investor. It’s a joy to receive that trust to TrueBit and none of you will ever be disappointed.

    Besides, the growth of activity became more prominent thanks to the adding of new advertising websites. Our first stage was a huge success and we now continually expand with old investors returning and new investors coming. It is truly a pleasure being able to serve so many investors and our team is standing by with professional expertise to help out any questions there may be.
    Also we are happy to announce that, a detailed review of our program has been published by Paul Abramson, on his blog, which is one of the largest platform from where you can get detailed news and other matters concerning the HYIP industry. The answers for most of the common questions that you will have can be found out in the published review. We invite everyone to take a look at the published review here,

    Several big updates waiting on next week. Stay tuned!

    Leo Wilkinson, CEO TrueBit Group Ltd

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    TrueBit - Admin (Wednesday, 09 November 2016 08:42)

    Hello dear investors!

    First customers have already reached 3rd stage of our investment program, and we can take stock of the first 40 days of our project. We are pleased to inform that more than 80% investors don't withdraw deposits from the project after their 20-days period completed (as well as after 40 days, a lot of users have stepped up the third stage and already earn 3.2% daily). We thank you for the trust! That means one thing: our investment plan works, and it works great!

    In this regard, we have decided to reduce the period of freezing your deposit from 20 days to 5 days, especially as some investors asked us about this for a long time. So from now on, you don't need to wait for the 2nd stage (i.e. for 20th day of your investment period). Your deposit will be fully at your disposal in 5 days - you are only able to decide when you quit our project.

    We are also working on some innovations in Personal Account which will make investment process more user-friendly and efficient. Stay tuned!

    Leo Wilkinson, CEO TrueBit Group Ltd.

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    TrueBit - Admin (Tuesday, 22 November 2016 20:14)

    Dear investors,

    Our website has been unavailable for a while today. This was due to the addition of several important functions in personal account. Many of you asked for it for a long time and we, finally, did IT: now for all users are available both functions INCREASING DEPOSIT and PARTIAL WITHDRAWAL OF DEPOSIT. Consider two new duties in detail.


    Now you don’t need to be created every time a new deposit, you can increase deposit has already been created. After every increasing deposit withdrawal will not be available during same of five days just as when you make a deposit. So, what's the benefit you ask?! The point is that you can immediately get increased profit rate if increased deposit is already higher than the first stage. Basic rules to increase a deposit:

    - deposit replenishment is only available in the same payment system in which deposit made;

    - after each replenishment your total deposited amount is not available for withdrawal five days;

    - affiliate commission is accrued only when deposit increased from the payment system, and will not be accrued if deposit made from the balance of the project.

    - Minimum increase amount - $10 (or 0.014 BTC)

    Let's look at an example: you have an active deposit in the amount of $10, which is already running 45 days. This deposit is already on the third stage, this means you get 3.2% daily. You can increase deposit of $100 and next day you will receive the 3.2% from $110. The following five days withdrawal of total deposit ($110) is not possible.

    Deposit replenishment is quite easy. Now next to each deposit appeared the corresponding button, clicking on it you only need to enter the amount and click “Increase deposit". Replenishment is possible only from funds already are on the balance of the project (to refill your balance without making a deposit tick «Mark If you want to refill one of your previous deposits» on the page, - then money will be available on the internal balance of TrueBit and you can make correct replenishment).


    As you know, at the moment it’s only possible to complete closure deposit. From now on you can withdraw a portion from the deposit and continue receiving accruals for the remainder invested amount. Once you click on «Withdraw deposit», you'll be on the page where it’s possible close the deposit or withdraw only part of it.

    Let's look at an example: you have an active deposit of $100 (withdrawal is not available within the first five days). After 7 days since your deposit made you withdraw $90 from this amount and your deposit becomes just $10. It continues working and you are able to refill it at any moment to get increased profit rate on the following stages.

    We hope that these innovations will make investment process in the TrueBit project more convenient and most importantly profitable. In the next couple days, will be added a video overview of the new features - it will help to understand all the innovations and answer any your question about the new functions in your personal account.

    Leo Wilkinson, CEO TrueBit Group Ltd.