Clixten - Christmas Promotions until 01/20/2016

I am glad that we are beside our member community on this 4th winter holiday season / Christmas. I wanna thank you all that are standing beside use for more then 3 years and are supported us to be come one of the few Legit Paid to Click websites.

After 3 Years and 1 month since our doors have been opened more and more members are getting paid day by day and more and more advertisers are using our services because of quality in advertising at resonable prices. Also our Alexa ranking is 5100 and is going fast on the top 5000 websites of this world and maybe next year will enter on top 4000 Alexa rank or maybe more.

During this promotion all the new members that will register on Clixten will receive FREE Silver for 1 week !



$1.000 Contest : for more informations click here

Christmass Promotions :

1. Cheaper upgrades

- 25% Off on Silver membership (pay $15 insteed $20)

- 20% off on Golden membership (pay $60 insteed $75)

- 15% off on Elite membership (pay $425 insteed $500)

- 10% off on Ultimate membership (pay $630 insteed $700)

2. Advertising Bonus

- for each 1 day fixed advertising 5s purchased get 1 day of Clixgrid for FREE (need to open ticket)

- for each 1 day fixed advertising 10s purchased get 1 day of Clixgrid for FREE + 10.000 banner credits (need to open ticket)

- buy 1.000.000 PTC Credits for $150 insteed $200

3. Direct Referrals

- 100 dr = $125

- 200 dr = $200

4. Banner Advertising

- buy 1.000.000 banner credits and get for FREE - 1.000.000 banner credits (need to open ticket)

Now we wanna remind you all that the Christmas offers that are avaible until 20 januar

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