wad.ojooo.com - scam or legit?

About one of the biggest PTC sites, wad.ojooo.com, much will be written and reportet! Now what's wrong? 

Tell us your opinions or tell us about your experiences !

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    Patricia (Sunday, 25 December 2016 12:16)

    Ojooo Wad is a complete SCAM. After a few months of hard work using this PTC (Premium Account), I decided to do a little experiment before to get a PREMIUM+ account ($39/month) because of all those bad comments on the internet. I just wanted to make sure the site paid regularly. At the beginning everything OK, I got paid twice without any problems (3 labour days tops), then I disabled the AUTOPAY feature (Daily Fee) to all my rented referrals (350 Refs) and I started to collect all the earnings made by my rented referrals for several days. Once this is done, I requested a third cashout ($20.50) and ---> SURPRISE! I haven't received the payment yet after a month.

    The bottom line is that you only get paid by Ojooo Wad if they can get a daily profit from you. If the Ojooo Wad payout system detects you have stopped doing clicks or you have disabled the AUTOPAY feature (Which is a daily income for them), they stopped processing your cashouts and start to pay selectively a bunch of members.

    Meanwhile, I have been waiting for my payment or any response for weeks and I have the rest of my money kidnapped as they don't allow to perform another cashout request until the one in process be paid.

    Finally, I'm grateful that I don't upgraded to a higher membership and I was able to figured all this out before keep wasting my time and money on this crappy PTC.

    PS: I just hope that someday the money I earned (Almost $60) surprisingly appears on my paypal account balance. O_o

    Don't waste your time and money on Ojooo Wad PTC Site ---> It's a SCAM.

    There are BETTER and SERIOUS options out there.


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    Safina (Saturday, 13 May 2017 19:04)

    Hi there i just want to warn any bodt who making a plan ro join ojooo.com
    Its complete scam thanks God i didnt get premium ccount

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    Ojooo (Monday, 15 May 2017 21:56)

    Why my current balance 6$ change to 6 Preferred shares which last paying? only pay first.

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    Ijaz (Thursday, 18 May 2017 22:34)

    Ojooo is big scam proof


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    Любовь (Friday, 26 May 2017 17:53)

    В любом деле, в любом проекте есть успешные и не успешные. И дело, и проект здесь совсем не причем... Прислушиваться надо к профессионалам, экспертам того или иного дела, тем более если Вам НЕСКАЗАННО повезло, и Вы встретили профессионала, а не шарить по интернету в поисках мнений неудачников, которым лень вникнуть в правила проекта, нарушая которые они теряют свои доходы. Уверяю Вас, есть люди, которые серьезно занимаются интернет бизнесом и имеют очень приличные доходы. Я в проекте #OJOOO более 10 лет. В #OJOOOWad с первых дней и по сегодняшний день, заработала не самые большие деньги здесь (50000$). А все почему? На начало проекта не была профессионалом бизнеса в интернете, не знала его законов, возможностей... любому делу нужно учиться, только тогда будет успех! А ДЕНЕГ В ИНТЕРНЕТЕ МНОГО! И если Вы освоите его законы и правила Вы всегда будете с деньгами в любом возрасте и в любом месте! Желаю успехов!