Trafficmonsoon - transitioning from using PayPal to opening our own TM World Bank

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Video Message From Dubai:

As you already know from the video, I'm currently in Dubai. One reason for that is to setup an office in the World Trade Center Dubai. Part of this process is also setting up a bank here, and having an additional business registration here in the UAE.

We're transitioning from using PayPal to opening our own TM World Bank.

VIDEO: Processor Account Balances For Transition:

Our goal with opening our bank is to send you TM MasterCards for easier access to your earnings! We'll also have complete control over the funds received by the company for revenue sharing, without any worry about the payment processors taking control of funds.

This will also increase quality of our services and reduce risk of click cheating, because with the bank we'll need to verify "Know Your Customer" documents to ensure that each member getting paid is uniquely different from all other members.

What this means for you if you use PayPal:

For the next 30 days you'll be able to still make purchases with PayPal. We're unable to process withdrawals through PayPal because funds will begin moving into Payza and our own TM World bank account to support withdrawal requests.

We do recommend that you start using Payza for purchases for now until we get the TM World Bank completed.

If you used PayPal for withdrawals, you'll be able to gain access to your funds with Payza instead during this transition.

There will be a space provided for you to enter your payza email address and begin making withdrawals of your earnings through Payza.

If you don't have a Payza account, get signed up for FREE here:

We'll be moving funds from PayPal to Payza, then our own TM Worldwide Bank.

Until the bank is finished getting setup, if you wish to make larger purchases unable to be processed through Payza or SolidTrustPay, you're welcomed to wire the funds to the following bank details:


NAME OF BANK: JP Morgan Chase Bank




BANK ROUTING: 124001545

ACCOUNT #: 734785868

Charles Scoville

My Address:

4927 Murray Blvd

Apt Z9

Murray, UT


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