Paypal stops cooperation with clixten

Bad news for clixten , Paypal terminated cooperation with clixten and is not more than payment providers available. White paypal more like us or carves a little something on . After Trafficmonsoon the next big players which no longer works with Paypal .

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    Mejo (Sunday, 06 March 2016 00:09)

    "Bad news"!

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    Admin (Friday, 11 March 2016 16:08)

    Hi dear members,
    In the last two weeks we fight with a paypal for the limitation without appeal they given to our business for the reason that they dont accept this kind of bussiness even is a legal registered business and comply with the EU regulations as they, because paypal is a company that is established in Luxembourg.
    After we send to them all the company documents, last sunday we wake up with the limitation without apeal option, monday our lawyers in the morning called them and provided to paypal more informations about our company and more legal documents that we are a legal registered business with personal, that is on a continuesly grow and we dont represent a danger to paypal or to members that use our services.
    But this morning we got a call from paypal to announce us that everything is solved related to our limitation, and from this morning our apeal is denied and we will not be able to use paypal anymore.

    We will bring paypal into the court because not only Clixten will be affected, even the hosting company ( and the webdesign company ( will be allso affected, because there are servers to be paid, companies that work for us from others countried, everything is affected because of paypal decision.

    By next week we will open a process against paypal and we will let everyone know what will happen during the process. Theirs reason said that they dont accept this kind of business and theirs rulles are being broken because of Clixten, but there are much bigger companies that are doing the same business as Clixten and they are not being affected.

    We dont give up on Clixten, and everything will continue as usually, members will be paid daily throught Bitcoin, Payza, Perfect Money and Payeer and others companies that will be implemented so more members to be able to use our services.
    For over 3 years and 4 months we have managed to pay daily our members without any issues or delays.
    Over 99% of ptc websites are being closed within 1-3-6 months but we succeded to stay online and extend our business for more then 3 years, we succeeded to extend to offline advertising, webhosting company, webdesign company and many more in plan to extend for this year.

    Here is our payment plan, only paypal depositors will be affected, but we have sollutions for everyone :

    Example 1
    If you deposited $100 by Paypal, now you must deposit 50% by other payment processor.

    Example 2
    If you deposited $100 by Paypal and $50 by Payza then you can withdraw by Payza without any issues.

    Example 3
    If you deposited $100 by Paypal and $40 by Payza, then you need to deposit $10 by Payza in order withdraw (50%+ with other payment processor).

    The last days was a nightmare for me and for the Xten-Group SRL personal/stuff. But we are here, we dont give up on our project, our limit was the sky, but on this case was paypal but we will pass over this and the limit remains the sky.
    We dont stop here, more payment processors will come, and more earning oportunities and our business will not stop here, we will continue expand, stay close and thank you for being beside us for such a long period of time and i hope you dont leave us because of paypal.