OKPAY is a payment processor like PayPal or Neteller , with which you can pay on the internet worldwide. Of particular interest is likely to be mainly for Internet marketers who operate internationally , due to the high acceptance and low fees compared OKPAY . Another plus is the account for associated credit card, which allows a fast and direct his money to come.

Since the account is abroad , everyone can open an account without the hassle of credit and credit check and is anonymous to creditors , agencies and authorities .

With free eWallet OKPAY you were, the Swiss army knife of payment providers in an international comparison .



Free Account ( eWallet )

No monthly or annual fee

Send money by email to other users ( for free )

Virtual credit card

OKPAY prepaid MasterCard credit card

High acceptance and safety

High limits ( online casino etc. )

received anonymously and securely pay and money

24 E - mail support

Currency account in all major currencies

In more than 200 countries

Free deposit and withdrawal options


deposit money into the OKPAY eWallet :

Bank Transfer ( free ) deposit OKPAY money

VISA or MasterCard




by phone

OKPAY card



payouts from the OKPAY eWallet:

Send Toll Free money via Money Express ( OKPAY members among themselves )


VISA and Mastercard

can directly pay to bank account

Payment to a web page

or directly with the OKPAY Prepaid MasterCard at ATMs

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