Are all online investments / hyip scam just like pokeram, amazing5, forex king, rixos finance, bitera?

The last time piling up the negative reports about online investments (HYIPs). Many well-known providers such pokeram, amazing5, bitera, forex king, coppertradepro, Rixos finance, Capital 7, completed the payouts and were classified as fraud sites (SCAM).

It arises for many, the question is to invest further or to withdraw from the market. It should be clear to all that not to be permanent daily returns of over 10 percent every day possible and it is a fraud.

How to proceed, either continue to "play" or look for other safe forms. The Hyips can still turn a profit if you invest properly at the beginning and the side then survived several months, then you get off at a profit, otherwise a loss.


My online investments:

It should make a picture every itself and therefore I give the report does not make recommendations, only a list of where I am currently investing.


Current High investment:

·         Recyclix (medium risk)

·         Salipay (high risk)


Current low investment:

·         Forexparadise (high risk)

·         Venture alliance (very high risk)

·         Bandeira corporation (high risk)

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    unknown (Sunday, 19 June 2016 16:52)

    Salipay - Venture alliance war scam!