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    Silverclix - Admin (Thursday, 24 November 2016 23:05)

    Short add funds promo

    Hello people.
    From today, until Sunday, November 27 add funds and get extra bonus.

    - $10 - $499 get 10% extra
    - $500+ get 15% extra

    Additional bonus, add $1000 and get 200 rented referrals for free.

    Please keep on mind, bitcoin deposits are instantly visible in your account after 2 confirmations. So, not need to send tickets anymore when you deposit bitcoins.

    Bonuses will be assigned within 24 hours after deposit.

    Kind Regards,

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    Silverclix - Admin (Monday, 03 October 2016 08:04)

    RR fixed price promo

    Hello guys!

    Are you ready for one of the biggest promotions ever?

    From today until October 9 we are going to have a discount on our rented referrals.

    The prices for rented referrals will be fixed at $0.20 instead of rising up to $0.27.

    It does not mean only that you will save up to 7 cents per RR when you rent them, it means that you will get HUGE discount when you extending them up to 365 days because system give you discounts on $0.20 (not on $0.21 and so on up to $0.27) at the moment.

    Additional promo: Add $1000 in once and get 250 rented referrals for free!

    Use this opportunity now and let your income explode in the future!

    All the best,

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    Silverclix - Admin (Monday, 01 August 2016 20:15)

    Posted Today at 00:47
    Hello guys.

    Today is my birthday. I'm 29 years old now.

    From today to August 7, for every 1 dollar deposited, you will get 1 rented referral for free.

    Referrals will be assigned manually within 24-48 hours after your deposit.


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    Silverclix - Admin (Thursday, 14 July 2016 08:12)

    IMPORTANT about PayPal refunds.

    Today is exactly 180 days after PayPal blocked our account. They proved once again that they are pain in the ass for merchants. What they did? When I told you to dispute us before 180 days, they denied all disputes and decided on our favor. Today, when they needed to pay $20000 to our bank account, they changed their mind and refunded all members who disputed before 180 days. So, they wanted just to hold our money and earn interest on it. If is that legal, than I'm Elvis Presley.

    So, people who got refund from PayPal have now 2 options because you have used this refunded money to buy something in SilverClix:

    1. You will refund us this money through other payment processors and you will be able to use that money to build your account in SilverClix. You must refund all money in once because services has been provided to you continuously and sincerely.

    2. We will deduct amount from your account balance that you received back from PayPal.

    Please send ticket and tell us which option you like more.

    We will not send payments to people who received money back from PayPal until we receive feedback from you.

    And my friendly advice, stop using PayPal because they will cheat you sooner or later as well.

    You can see thousands similar cases here:

    Kind Regards,

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    Silverclix - Admin (Friday, 24 June 2016 22:36)

    Here is last promo for Silverclix 3rd birthday.

    *Deposit $10 - $299 and get 10% more in your purchase balance

    **Deposit $300 - $999 and get 15% more in your purchase balance

    ***Deposit $1000 - $2499 and get 20% more in your purchase balance

    ****Deposit $2500+ and get 25% more in your purchase balance

    Bonuses will be assigned within 24 hours after your deposit.

    Promo valid until June 25, 2016.

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    Silverclix - Admin (Wednesday, 15 June 2016 20:52)

    3 years online
    Hello guys.
    We celebrating 3 years online of Silverclix. Birthday is June 21. In next 2 weeks we will have few promos in SilverClix and Goldenclix.

    More about it here: