Buxvertise - Review - unprofitable

I would like to briefly share with you my experience with buxvertise . On March 26, 2016 I became a member and paid $ 100 on my account . With the money I made an upgrade to my account " Buxer " . The rest of the money I invested in rented referrals. I could then increase in a few weeks , the number of rented Referrals on 250th.

I clicked every day , the rented referrals were automatically renewed . This turned out however, so unprofitable . My account was always small , and I could no longer pay the extensions for the rented Referrals partially .

I'm going to hire any additional referrals and do not renew my upgrade the account after one year .

After this year, I will also remove Buxvertise from my homepage and to focus on other profitable websites .

If someone wants to hire many rented referrals , I would clearly recommend Clixten which is highly profitable !

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