Okik - is now online on the 13. Nov. 2016

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Welcome back All

We have worked hard 24/7 to fix everything , some bad guys try to kill Okik , but we still Here .
Okik is number (1 ) , ptc site So we will be always number ( 1 ).

Thank you for your trust and your patience
Thanks to good guys and Our friends and Our good support.
Because of you Okik will be more powerful.

any one need support contact support please

Posts: 1243
Hello All

any one have problem contact support please
we will check All problems

No support on forum

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    Okik - Admin (Monday, 14 November 2016 19:21)

    Hello All

    After the hacker tried to attack Okik , we have backup for Okik At 20-10-2016 ,
    we run a backup So All Site work from 20-10-2016 , you can see that in last payments and forum , All last topics was in 20-10-2016 .

    No one lost anything , just account work from 20-10-2016
    All deposit from 21-10-2016 To 5-11-2016 will Add to accounts , it maybe take 3 To 4 days to Add All deposit .

    you not lost money , not lost rent referrals , not lost anything
    you maybe Earn more not lost

    How ??
    Of course you withdraw money from 20-10-2016 To 5-11-2016 !! you earn this money free , Because we will add All your deposit from 20-10-2016 To 5-11-2016 .

    So you earn from withdraw and earn from deposit . and you can rent referrals by the new deposit that will add to your account .

    today I check All support tickets , I see a lot of cheater .

    any one will says I loss memberships days or referrals !! this is not correct , your account was stop At 20-10-2016 , and back work today from 20-10-2016 .

    Please , we know the problem , Dont contact support for now , we will Add All deposits , I will update here .

    then If you still have problem contact support

    Note : All support tickets will be delete now , Wait us to complete add deposits and update news here please .


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    Okik - Admin (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 20:42)

    Hello All

    Now everything is back
    No referrals missing
    No balance missing

    Some members will not be able to login for now
    But do not worry, just some time , we still working.

    Note: Please do not contact support for now, we still working,\ Just wait updates here

    thank you for your patience
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    Okik - Admin (Thursday, 17 November 2016 20:10)

    Hello ,

    We can not be sure about the members who they say missed referrals.
    But we want to help everyone .

    1 - I offered 10,000 referrals in the Specials package
    You can get 100 referrals only $10

    2- I offered 350 package ( 100 rent referrals + OkikPlus membership ) in the Specials package
    You can get this package only $50

    It is the best Offer for any one want to get referrals Or upgrade to Earn more