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A big advantage of Advanced Cash is that they are constantly adding new partners and currencies. So you can not only transfer money via Advanced Cash, but also for example several cryptoscripts. To fill your account you have countless possibilities to do so through one of the many partner sites. These include:, Netex, E-obmen, Internetmoney.Exchange, XaltChange and many more.

With these interfaces you can move your money between different vendors, such as from OKPay to Advanced Cash or from Qiwi. In addition, you can also exchange cryptos such as bitcoins, Litecoins and all the others that are currently on the market.


Another advantage, which is true for most payment systems of this kind, is that the money transfer is really super fast. If you make a referral via ADVCash this is usually within a few seconds.

To ensure that the processes at AdvancedCash remain so fast and run smoothly, they work together with different partners. Among them is Bitpay, Protectimus (responsible for various security systems of banks and other large companies), IDChecker (for checking documents) and Interkassa (leading payment system in the Russian area).

In this way, ADVCash becomes a versatile platform that has a solution for all needs.



With ADVCash's E-Wallet you can normally receive payments and make transfers. This makes the shopping on the Internet easy, because you can immediately transfer without delay. If you send from an Advanced Cash account to another money so do.

There are also no annual fees for the use of this purse.

The euro, dollar, pound and the Russian ruble are currently available as normal currencies.

The exchange rate for the currencies is offered at optimal conditions without high commissions.

not incur any charges.



Advanced Cash offers a mastercard in euros and dollars. There are two variants: a virtual credit card, which can only be used online and a plastic card, which works at all acceptance points for Mastercard. With this one you can pay as normal at the shopping or withdraw money.

The plastic card you get against a one-time payment of 4.99 dollars.

You do not need to pay monthly or annual fees. With such a card, you can not withdraw more than 3,000 euros or dollars from a cash machine every day. The monthly limit is 90,000 euros / dollar. If you pull money from the cash machine you have to pay 1.99 euros / dollar to Advanced Cash. When shopping with the credit card, no additional charges apply.

The virtual card you get for 1 dollar and you can use it for the next three years without monthly or annual fees.

With both versions you can buy daily for no more than for 10 000 euro / dollar.



The creation of an account remains free.

If you want to transfer money from your bank account to the Advanced Cash account via SEPA or SWIFT, you do not pay any fees unless it is a third party, then you have to print 1% of the total. For all other electronic currencies there are fees between 0.95% and a maximum of 4.25%. Bitcoins go to the current course at no extra cost.

Now to the payouts. The payout in Bitcoins is again made at the internal exchange rate. All electronic currencies are free of charge. If you pay out Mastercard you have to give a flat rate of $ 0.99 or Euro.



Some transactions are only possible for users who have verified themselves before, ie have proved their identity. This is necessary, for example, if you want to make a bank transfer to the Adv Cash account.

To be verified, you have to keep some documents ready and at least 18 years old. You definitely need your ID (or passport), where you can scan the front and back. It is important to ensure that the identity card is still valid, otherwise there will be difficulties.

The documents are then uploaded via the IDChecker and sent to them for verification. The team usually needs two or three working days to process. If everything has worked out, then you are then verified user and also has other limits when using the credit card. If inconsistencies are present and something can not be accepted, then it is directly communicated and you upload again a document, which corresponds to the conditions.



I've been using AdvancedCash for several weeks now. The idea came to me through Questra World, since it is offered there as a payment method (just like OKPay). Since I am active there I needed an electronic wallet and have just used both OKPay and Advanced Cash.

The registration with Advanced Cash was completed within minutes and you can use almost all services. However, as I wanted to fill my account by bank transfer, I had to verify. Here I was particularly curious how they will handle it, since I have used several attempts at OKPay.

To my surprise this was very easy, since my personal ID has enough. So they recognized my identity and also my address and I could get started.

I use ADVCash mainly to move money between Questra, the electronic wallet and my bank account.

Because everything was very good and I was definitely satisfied, I also ordered the credit card. Because then I can save myself the step of the money laboriously transfer to my account.

The credit card is under the star of Mastercard, which is a great advantage. It is a well-known provider and it is accepted almost in every shop where credit cards are accepted.

What I also noticed positively is the charges. They are very small and often do not exist.

I recommend ADVCash to anyone who has a lot of business to do on the Internet, and especially to those who own or are cryptic.

The offered services are all executed correctly and above all quickly.

The downside is that the site is not yet available in German. If you understand some English, you should not have problems, as it is largely self-explanatory.

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  • #1

    advcash - Admin (Tuesday, 31 January 2017 11:32)

    If you use bank transfers as a funding method for your account, please note that we changed the bank details. See the news or the Deposit Funds section for more information.

    We are no longer receiving transfers to old bank details

  • #2

    advcash - Admin (Saturday, 27 May 2017 09:31)

    Perfect Money Fee Update
    Please note that the fee applied to deposits to your Advanced Cash account from Perfect Money is now set to 2.95%

  • #3

    advcash - Admin (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 18:30)

    14 June 2017
    Withdrawals to Visa/MC Cards: Fee Reduced
    Now you can send funds to international Visa and Mastercard bank cards in USD and EUR for less! We have reduced the fee to USD/EUR 5 + 2.95%.

    12 June 2017
    New Withdrawal Feature: Sending Funds to Visa/MC Cards Worldwide
    We are excited to let you know that we are launching a new withdrawal feature. Now you can send funds from your Advanced Cash account to Visa and Mastercard cards all over the world. It can be your own card, or it can be someone else’s card. If it’s someone else’s card, you will need to specify the cardholder’s phone number. Funds normally appear on the card’s balance instantly, but in some cases it may take the transfer up to 3 business days to reach the card. You can make these transfers both in USD and EUR with a USD/EUR 5 + 3.95% fee. See the transaction page in the Funds Transfer section for details including limits.

    Also, account funding via Visa/MC cards in USD and EUR is back to normal direct operation. Previously, it was temporarily done via the KZT (Kazakhstani tenge) gateway due to certain technical reasons, but now it’s back to normal.
    10 June 2017
    BTC-e and Bitcoin Withdrawals Under Maintenance
    Please note that due to certain technical issues withdrawals from your Advanced Cash account to Bitcoin and BTC-e codes are temporarily unavailable. We are working to bring back these features ASAP. Please accept our apologies for the temporary inconvenience.

    08 June 2017
    BTC-e: Withdrawal Fee Update
    Please note that we are updating the fee applied to withdrawals from your account to BTC-e codes. The new fee is 3.95% and it is applied to all available currencies.

    06 June 2017
    Withdrawals to Ukrainian Cards Got Cheaper
    We are excited to let you know that now you can send funds to Visa and Mastercard cards issued in Ukraine with a reduced fee. It’s now 20 UAH + 1.95% (instead of 2.95%).

  • #4

    advcash - Admin (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 14:41)

    19 June 2017
    IMPORTANT: Card Limit Update For Non-Verified Users
    Due to changes in the EU legislation our card vendor decreases the limits for non-verified users starting June 26th 2017.

    Now all cards of an unverified account can be funded with up to EUR 250. Maximum allowed amount for ATM or point of sale transactions is EUR 100.

    If you have a non-verified account and the balance of all your cards combined exceeds EUR 250, your cards will be blocked on June 26th 2017. Cards can only be unblocked after verification. Spend the funds on your cards before June 26th or start the verification process now to avoid this block. On June 23rd 2017, we will automatically send remaining card balances of non-verified users back to their wallets.

    We strongly recommend verifying your account if you intend to continue using our cards.

  • #5

    advcash - Admin (Friday, 15 December 2017 22:07)

    12 December 2017
    USD SWIFT Deposits for Personal Accounts Temporarily Unavailable
    Unfortunately at the moment personal accounts can not be funded with USD SWIFT transfers due to certain technical issues. All other account funding methods are unaffected and operate as usual, including SWIFT/SEPA deposits in EUR, receiving bank transfers from businesses in EUR, and all other features.

    This news update does not concern business accounts. Only personal accounts are affected.

    We will post a news update as soon as this feature is restored. We apologise for the temporary inconvenience.

    08 December 2017
    Important Information About our Card Program
    This is a news update concerning plastic and virtual Advanced Cash cards issued to users in countries outside the EEA/SEPA area. If your verified profile address is in a country in the EEA/SEPA area, this information does not concern you. You can ignore it.

    According to the requirements of our card vendor, we sent out an email notification to all users outside the EEA/SEPA area who have prepaid Advanced Cash cards. This notification explains the scenario when prepaid cards issued to these users will be closed after January 10th, 2018.

    We still hope that before this date our card vendor will negotiate the expansion of the list of countries eligible for our card program with Mastercard. The situation is, however, complicated by the large number of legal questions to settle and the large number of applications from various card providers.

    At the moment, we are integrating the card platform solution from a new vendor that will be able to issue cards outside the EEA/SEPA area.

    If non-SEPA cards will actually be closed after January 10th, we will reissue them for free, whether after our current card vendor expands the list of countries, or after the new card platform is fully integrated into the system. We will be able to provide more information on this at a later stage.

    Before the non-SEPA cards are blocked, we will move all funds from plastic and virtual cards that are about to be closed back to corresponding wallets. We will publish a separate news update about this move ahead of time.

    Despite all these temporary problems that we are sure we will solve and move forward, we would like you to know that we are always looking for the most affordable and user friendly solutions to add to our range of features so that our users benefit. Thank you for your understanding, and thank you for using Advanced Cash.

    01 December 2017
    Fund Your ADV Cards for Free in December!
    In December, funding of all your Advanced Cash cards, both plastic and virtual, in both currencies, is 100% free! For the entire last month of 2017, you are welcome to send any amounts to your plastic and virtual Advanced Cash cards (within your limits) without our regular fixed fee.

    This special offer will not only help you cut your card usage costs, but can also serve as a compensation for those who will be forced to stop using their ADV cards in case our card vendor stops supporting certain countries after December 31st. See our news update from October 9 for more info on this.

    30 November 2017
    System Maintenance Dec 4th
    On Dec 4th 2017, Advanced Cash will be under maintenance starting at 10AM GMT+3 for about an hour. Please note that you will not be able to log into your Advanced Cash account and make transactions. Please make all necessary transactions beforehand. Plastic and virtual Advanced Cash cards are not affected and will work as usual. We apologise for the temporary inconvenience.

    29 November 2017
    Funding Business Accounts with USD SWIFT is Back
    We are excited to let you know that Advanced Cash business account holders can make USD SWIFT deposits again. The process is the same: select USD in the Deposit Funds section of your business account, choose SWIFT, make sure you understand and follow the rules, get the bank details and make the transfer.

    We are also working to bring back USD SWIFT 3rd party deposits for personal account holders. Stay tuned!