Investment Plan: 2.1 % daily 30 days - Invest back


 Lifetime  20.01.2017
 PTC-TOP Monitoring  30.01.2017
 Total Investment  190,-- $  
 Total Payouts  272,-- $
 Last Payout  04.04.2017
 Withdrawal  Manuel
 Ref. Back  100 %
 Status Scam 25.04


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    SportArb - Admin (Tuesday, 07 February 2017 18:27)

    Dear partners,
    SportArb has been online for one week now and we are very excited to announce that we have over 3700 registered members.
    Our trading results for the past week have been very high and we shared over 1.5% of profit with all of you on most days. Our trading team is very excited about the new possibilities that SportArb is opening up for our trading techniques and will continue to work very hard to keep our profit levels high and, of course, safe.
    Also, We have a new support team being onboarded next week and we will start supporting all of you in eight different languages: English, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin. This is part of our internationalization project and we want to provide the best user experience possible for users from any country in the world. We will have more exciting news about this project soon.
    I would also like to take a moment to thank all our representatives. SportArb has 45 official ambassadors across the globe who will help to onboard new users and I am very grateful for all their hard work to help is advertise SportArb. For those interested in becoming a representative, we still have spots open so please check our website and complete the application. Later this week, we will publish a new pages in our website with the contact information of all our representatives so new and existing users can be in touch with their local communities.
    I would also like to announce that we are launching our points system today, to help you earning more and to help us promote SportArb. Basically, there are two ways to earn points with us. The first one is by promoting SportArb and sending traffic to your promotional links, where you will get points based on the number of visitors you send and their source. The second way is to invest in our plans with points and by doing so, you are investing with a virtual currency to test our investment system and you have the same functionalities as a real investment. All the points you earn, through traffic or through investment, can be sold for real money and you can check more information about the exchange rates inside your members area, under the Affiliates menu.
    We have also been reviewed by several investment bloggers and listed in several forums and monitors and I would personally suggest you read these reviews about SportArb, in most cases, they were written by financial specialists and it's safe to say that all the reviews have one common point: SportArb is the big hit of 2017. It makes me genuinely happy to see that all our hard work to bring this project to life is now paying off.
    Thank you for being with us in this journey, SportArb is here to be the best online investment pool you've seen and we will do the impossible to achieve this.
    I wish you all an amazing week,
    Ronald Wald

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    SportArb - Admin (Friday, 24 February 2017 18:21)

    Dear investors,
    I am happy to write to all of you once again to celebrate what is going on with SportArb. As you know, this was our third week online; we have just crossed the 10,000 registered investors mark. I am simply amazed by our growth levels.

    A big part of this growth is thank to our affiliates and representatives that have been working hard to promote SportArb. By the way, we still have spots available in our representatives program so if you are interested, do not hesitate to fill out your application and I will personally check it.

    In addition, we are starting offline promotion activities together with some representatives. In a few days, we will publish a list of our representatives and their contact information in our site, so you can all be invited to these events. Most of them will be meetings and presentations about SportArb for prospective investors, but you are all welcome to join and also share your experience with us.

    Our PTP system has also been a success and our traffic levels do not stop increasing, you can see it for yourself in our Alexa ranking Please keep sending traffic our way, and our server is more than prepared to take in huge amounts of traffic, we have done extensive tests and planned ahead to make sure it will never go down. We did not have any downtime until now and it will continue like this.

    Since we’re talking about marketing, I would like to mention that we are now publishing a series of promotional videos to help you spread the word about SportArb and we have already published 3 videos inside our members area. They were all professionally built and you are welcome to share them via social media, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line or any means you judge relevant.

    To update you about our projects, we have just completed our translations into over 10 languages, and they are now being implemented in our website, so you should start seeing them soon. If you would like to see our website in any other language that is not currently listed, please let us know and we will do our best to In terms of business, our results have been again very positive this week. The competition between bookmakers has been increased drastically in the past couple of months, and that generates raises in odds very often, making our job so much easier, especially during live games, where we can catch a lot of opportunities. include it.

    Another window of opportunity for us is when bookmakers get way too competitive like what happened a couple of days ago with Sun Bets and we manage to take huge advantage of such competition since they create very different odds between different bookmakers, giving us a very high profit rate in these bets.

    As usual, we are always here to discuss new ideas and areas of improvement for our website, and our marketing and support team will be happy to discuss these ideas with you.

    This journey is long and we have been working really hard to make SportArb happen. I understand many of you still feel skeptical due to harmful previous experiences with online investments but I am right when I tell you we are nothing like you have ever seen before. This is a once in a lifetime project for me and I am building this company with my own blood and sweat and will not let any external factor interfere.

    I hope you will have an amazing weekend with your loved ones!

    Kind regards,
    Ronald Wald

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    SportArb - Admin (Friday, 03 March 2017 21:40)

    Dear investors,
    It's Friday again and as usual, I am happy to sit down and write a message for all of our partners across the planet. This past week was intense, and I am thrilled to say SportArb has over 13,000 registered members from more than 140 countries.
    My dream with this project was to provide a global opportunity for investors from anywhere in the world and this is becoming real. I do not want to sound like a woolgatherer here, but it amazes me to see the support and feedback we are getting from all of you. We are only one month old and SportArb is already changing lives. I wonder how this project will look like when we celebrate our first year online and how thrilled we will be to change thousands of lives.
    SportArb is a once in a lifetime project for me and we have no plans to start a new business anytime soon. I understand that many of you are forced to diversify your investments due to the extreme volatility of online investments, but I repeat: we are nothing like that. There are dozens of online "investment" websites closing down every day and we invite you to keep SportArb as your number one choice for online investments. Why? Because we are real.
    One thing I would also like to mention is that we've noticed that SportArb has jumped up in many HYIP ratings websites, and we came to the conclusion that this is because it is so hard to find a reliable business in this industry, that it didn't take much effort for us to climb into the top rated HYIPs ratings websites out there. We are nothing like what you have seen so far, and our standards are much higher in terms of financial health, website security, legal compliance and customer satisfaction.
    SportArb is different than others because we share different goals, have a very well streamlined mindset and we stand for our business principles. Our business model is based on the longevity of our program and we have designed plans for the next couple of years for it, we are experts and master what we provide.
    The load of administrative tasks involved in this project is tremendous and we have been working day and night to give you the best experience possible. Our team is made of strong individuals with an amazing teamwork capacity and everything we do has you, our partner and final client, as the main reason-why.
    Since we are talking about our team, allow me to mention our short-term plans, this is what is going on:
    1. Phone support is now available every day from 8 AM to 6 PM GMT. Feel free to give us a call at +441212888803
    2. Our email response time is in the order of minutes. Feel free to email as at and expect a very fast response.
    3. We already have 3 promo videos available inside members area and there are more coming soon.
    4. Our translation project is almost complete and SportArb will soon be available in more than 10 languages.
    5. Ethereum and a few other funding options will be available in a few days.
    6. Several representatives starting offline campaigns.
    7. Page with contact information from representatives coming in the next 4 days.
    If you have ideas of what you would like to see at SportArb, please let us know, we are always looking for ideas of improvement.
    Once again, thank you for being with us in this journey and always remember: we are here to change lives and do not forget our motto: see the invisible, do the impossible. We are already doing the impossible and we will not settle for anything less than success.
    I wish you all an amazing weekend,

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    SportArb - Admin (Friday, 24 March 2017 21:54)

    Dear investors,
    Another week went by and it is time for me to sit down and share some amazing updates with all of you. SportArb has just crossed the 26,500 members mark and 190 registered representatives, putting us in a very high standard for this online investment world.

    To give you some updates, we have just released a new promo video that you can find inside your affiliate area under Affiliates -> Promo Videos and I have to say it is the best we produced so far. Feel free to share this with your network to spread the word about SportArb and we have a new series of promo videos coming soon. If you have any other ideas, other than videos, that could also help us show the world what SportArb is all about, don't hesitate to reach out.

    Our development team has also moved forward with our apps for iOS and Android and we expect Android to be available for all of you next week. You will have access to all the functions we already have in our site, at the tip of your fingers.

    Also, I would like to announce an agreement with that will allow you to get a free debit card that can be loaded with Bitcoin. To order your debit card, please register an account and go to this page ( and use one of the following codes: SPORTARBVIRTUAL for a virtual card or SPORTARBPLASTIC for a physical card. The original prices are 8 EUR for physical cards and 0.5 EUR for virtual cards, but this partnership will give them for free for all SportArb investors. We are also working on a solution to provide debit cards with the SportArb brand and we will have more news about this soon.

    Continuing with our updates, SportArb now accepts Dash for deposits and withdrawals and if there are any other currencies you would like to see listed, please let me know and we will do our best to include them.

    We want to share your success story with other SportArb investors across the globe, so we have just created a new page to share video testimonials we receive from you, and created a system where you will receive 20,000 SportArb points for every video testimonial you submit. Please submit the video through an email to or Affiliates -> Video Testimonials and once approved, we will add the points to your account.

    As usual, I like to finish my message with a few words of encouragement and this time, I will only say thank you. Thank you for believing in my project, thank you for being respectful of my business decisions, thank you for spreading the word about SportArb and thank you for being in this journey with me. I cannot emphasize enough what this project means to me in terms of lifetime goals: I have a genuine dream of helping thousands of people from any country in the world to achieve their dreams. Our society is based on money and even though I donít believe money represents genuine happiness, having it certainly gives your mind freedom to follow your true life mission. My life mission is to bring wealth to hundreds of thousands of people so, once again, thank you.

    I wish you all a blessed weekend,

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    SportArb - Admin (Sunday, 23 April 2017 10:12)

    Dear investors,
    One of my favorite moments of the week has arrived again, it is time to write to all you with updates about SportArb and work on developing this connection with you that I value so much. It is fascinating to realize that SportArb has 41,700 registered investors from over 130 different countries and the fact that my message is being shared throughout the world gives me this a feeling of achievement, triumph, and empowerment.

    This week, however, I will focus on giving you more information about how SportArb is managed and hopefully, this information will bring you closer to us. Managing SportArb is challenging for several reasons: a distributed team in different countries, a need for light-speed financial transactions (thank God Bitcoin exists) and an enormous list of administrative tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis.

    The magic of sports arbitrage is taking advantage of different odds being offered by different bookmakers and these differences usually do not last for a long time, so we need to act very fast and have a very detailed cash flow control system to make sure we know in which bookmakers our money is and move it around quickly. This is especially hard for those starting with sports arbitrage and thankfully, today we have access to a much larger reserve that allows us to keep a constant reserve on our most important bookmakers to make sure we do not miss any arbitrage opportunities.

    I started managing people about 10 years ago and through these years, I learned many lessons the hard way: by making mistakes. The most important management lesson I learned was to never let anyone in my team feel excluded and I have taken this as a mantra for my business life. My goal is always to integrate my teams and work with a global perspective in mind.

    As of today, SportArb has employees in the UK, in Germany, in the US, in Japan and in Brazil and managing this distributed team usually means late shifts and overnight discussions but we all share the same vision about making SportArb a successful venture capable of shaping lives for the best.

    In terms of updates, we are making the final decision about our moderators for our Skype and Telegram groups, so please expect some names to be published in our website in the upcoming week. We hope this helps to integrate our community with our management and gives you a better overall experience with SportArb. Also, as many of you are expecting, our iOS app will also be launched next week, together with other very interesting updates.

    We would also like to announce our first Global Contest that starts today at SportArb. The goal of this contest is to promote SportArb as a global community and we will be rewarding our top performers for the next week. The contest will give out prizes in two different categories:

    1) All investors from the top 3 countries shown in the mains contest page will get an extra 10% profit share by the end of this promotion

    2) Our top 5 promoters for the TOP 3 countries will receive cash prizes as follows: first place will receive $1000, second will get $500, third will get $250, fourth will get $100 and fifth will get $50.

    Detailed statistics are available on this page

    That means we are giving our several prizes in order to boost our international presence. The contest starts now and will run until April 28th at 5 PM GMT. For this first contest, we will be taking only signups into account, not active deposits, and we will be checking IP addresses to remove fake accounts and all prizes will be paid on April 30th directly to your SportArb account balance.

    We hope this contest excites you to promote SportArb even more, and we will be adding different contests in the upcoming months to keep spreading the word about our venture.

    As usual, thank you for your continued support and for being a part of this brave venture. Words cannot express how overjoyed I feel to see my dream business coming true with the help from all of you. It takes a lot of hard work to make this project work and as I mentioned before; I will not settle for anything less than a worldwide wealthy business and in a few years from now, we will all look back and be grateful and beholden for this choice.

    Have a blessed week,
    Ronald Wald