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    Mavis - Admin (Tuesday, 07 February 2017 13:51)

    Welcome to the Mavis professional investment platform

    30 January 2017

    We are pleased to welcome you on the Mavis professional investment platform and expressing our deep gratitude for your interest and the decision to register on our platform.

    Our main goal - is creation of the most comfortable and convenient platform for users, and therefore we do not stand still in our development, but are committed to the continuous improvement of all processes and technologies.

    All processes of platform are automated. We are focused on ultimate clarity and transparency of all processes, to make you feel comfortable and at the same time we were able to carry on our work economically.

    You do not need to worry about security: the modern technology that we are using involve the use of two-step authentication from Google, which guarantees a secure entrance to the personal account and the safety of your personal data from any unauthorized persons.

    We provide the highest level of protection of our investment platform site and got a SSL-Certificate Thawte Web Server Certificates with EV. This means that GeoTrust certification center conducted full authentication of Mavis Term SRL. We have the right to ensure complete safety and security of your investment with the help of SSL-traffic with 256-bit key.

    Continuous day and night work of Mavis investment platform is supported by a dedicated server. You can be anywhere; we are always connected and ready to help!
    We would like to hope that you will become one of our regular customers in the coming 2017. We guarantee you the highest quality of work and the effective implementation of your individual needs.

    Our company sincerely wishes you professional achievements and prosperity!

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    Mavis - Admin (Wednesday, 15 February 2017 13:49)

    What are the new horizons that a line of Mavis Black Visa bank cards opens up?
    13 February 2017
    It is impossible to imagine modern financial world without these convenient and functional pieces of plastic – bank cards. A Premium bank card is an open door to an absolutely new world. A world of respect, great privileges, high business tone and multiple benefits.

    Premium card is a status item that guarantees its holder not just a prudent, fast and meticulously precise service in any part of the world. It is also provides a maximum level of safety, confidentiality and efficiency of financial relations. Protection of your finances is a top-priority goal for the company that issues premium bank cards.

    Mavis Term SRL provides its clients with a wide range of benefits and privileges that are only available to the holders of plastic cards by Visa international payment system.
    We present a new line of original bank cards with even more advantages. Try it and you will experience the highest quality service!

    Take advantage of the benefits offered to you by high status

    Mavis premium card provides unlimited possibilities of modern banking service.

    Available to you:
    1. Instant withdrawal of funds to the card
    2. Cash withdrawal from anywhere in the world with zero commission fee
    3. In-store and online store purchase in any country
    4. Automatic bill payment using any currency
    5. Funds conversion at best rates from partner bank CEC Bank S.A.
    6. Travelling without concerns about money
    7. Professional VIP service “Concierge Premium” (24 hours a day),
    and much more.

    How to obtain Mavis Black card?

    At the moment these cards are going through a test process with a launch of new features. That means that they are available to you at no cost, if you are a Premium investor with an active deposit of $5000 and more.

    Delivery of cards to premium-class customers is also free. If you have become a Premium investor, you can experience privileges of your status by using exclusive high quality services.

    In the nearest future we are planning to launch cards for all categories of clients. Approximate price of card processing will amount to $500.

    Would you like to try something completely new in the world of big investments and finances that will work for you? A 100% efficient customized service and an extremely large list of benefits have been launched and are awaiting your decision.

    Find out more about Mavis Black cards and their advantages by following the link.