and more coins              
 since 2017
 per click up to 0.001
 Ref click 2.5 %
 Cashout minimum         1 Satoshi
 Payout time Instant
 Buy direct referrals No

With this faucet you can claim without doing annoying captchas and completely automatic.You just need to earn Auto Claims through Solving Captcha, Short links or mining to start the Autofaucet then it will run completely automatic. Every Faucet or short-link gives you 50 Auto Claims.


With this faucet you can claim all the Coins at once and you don´t have to earn Auto Claims through annoying Short links, you can also earn them through mining. They have a Refferal program that earn you 1 Satoshi per 75 Auto Claims. They pay directly to your Faucethub account.

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  • #1

    FireFaucet Team (Saturday, 07 December 2019 14:52)

    Launching Fire Faucet v4.0!
    4 hours ago - 7th Dec 2019 11:05 am

    Hello Claimers, Greetings from FireFaucet !

    Apologies if the letter is a liiiittle long, but it is worth the read, we guarantee!!

    It's been some time since we released major update. After FaucetHub announced their closure, we have been working very hard on the next major rework of FireFaucet. Since FireFaucet was completely based on FaucetHub for security, payments, etc, we needed to change and refine a lot of things to make it independent, including new payment methods.

    Along with optimizing the site's overall performance and security, we have also redesigned many parts of Fire Faucet. Here are the highlights of major changes in this update, i.e., Fire Faucet v4.0

    - Introducing Direct Withdrawals to your crypto wallet! We are not anymore limited to a microwallet. Even before FH announced closure, many users have been requesting us to add direct payment, and so here it is !.
    Direct Payments also forced us to increase minimum withdrawal limit since it's not feasible to send lots of micro payments in the blockchain.

    - Changed overall look and feel. With new design, now it’s more alive than ever! Cheers…!

    - All currencies are now displayed in wholes instead of satoshis. For example, 100000 satoshis displayed earlier is now displayed as 0.001, which makes it easier to read.

    - Added option to instantly Convert your ACP to any crypto with a small fee. Also introduced upto 4x payout boosters for faster auto claiming, avoiding fees!

    - We have done a lot of rework in our database model in order to optimize the website, and hence your old balance had to be cleared without prior notice...just kidding :D Just click this link to transfer your old balance to new version of site. You will also need to add your wallet addresses again (not from FaucetHub this time, ofcourse).

    - Increased exchange limit from 4$ to 10$ (and to be increased further in future)!

    - Increased exchange fees from 5% to 3%. Oops., we meant ‘decreased’.

    - Referral earnings are now sent in batches after user's withdraw has processed successfully, instead of being sent at every payout in order to increase performance.

    - Daily withdrawal limit has been increased from 1$ to 20$, to be increased even more in the future.

    - Event : Transaction fees for all coins are made FREE until 15th of December.

    - Alternative withdrawal options to microwallets will be added soon, we are looking for best microwallet out there which is best for the users with lowest withdrawal fees and all. New microwallets are opening every week anyway :)

    These are the updates for now, but not all!

    A Sneak-Peak at what's already halfway in development and will be release sooner then you expect – A "Premium Membership", allowing you to enjoy many more site features and get fee discounts!

    Thank you! Hope you enjoy this update. We deeply apologize for inconveniences to our users in the recent times, such as empty balances after FaucetHub closed. We hope to improve our services from now on!

    Feel free to open a support ticket if you have any suggestions or you face any issues!

  • #2 (Wednesday, 25 December 2019 20:13)

  • #3

    FireFaucet Team (Sunday, 05 January 2020 22:08)

    Small Update v4.1
    14 days ago - 23rd Dec 2019 2:59 am

    Hello Everyone,

    Here are highlights of this small update.

    - Added FaucetPay a new trusted microwallet as a replacement for FaucetHub with even greater potential!

    - Minimum withdrawal limit for FaucetPay is reduced to 10,000 sats for Bitcoin.

    - Fixed exchange fees bug for empty currencies.

    - Fixed lots of minor bugs and improvements.

    - We had to keep the high minimum withdrawal limit for microwallet withdrawals too is because only that's the way we can keep paying users without running out of crypto every now and then. Because all our offerwalls and ad revenue takes upto 2 months to get paid, it's difficult for us to keep up without minimum limits. With this, we can focus more on updates then finding ways to refill cryptos on site everyday.

    Feel free to open a support ticket if you have any suggestions or you face any issues!

  • #4

    FireFaucet Team (Sunday, 05 January 2020 22:09)

    Update v4.2
    2 days ago - 3rd Jan 2020 2:30 pm

    Hello Everyone,

    Here are highlights of this update.

    - Added Prime membership, where you can enjoy additional Fire Faucet features by paying a small fees.
    Some of the features incude : No popups, 10x exchange fees reduction, increase daily exchange and withdrawal limit, etc!

    We will be adding more Prime membership perks in the future, if you have any idea, feel free to let us know. We may even reward you for that!

    Note : Non-prime members will still enjoy all the current features. Popups will not increase. Site will function as normal. It's completely your choice!

    - Removed old chat system and added custom chat with much better design and features. Click on the "Chat" button on bottom right corner of site! We will be adding more features to this chat soon!

    - Limited time Events : Until 10th January, claim rates (auto claim or ACP conversion) for all coins have been increased by 11%! Enjoy :)

    - Prime Membership introduction offer : 50% discount on prime membership purchase until end of this month!

    - Amount of popups have been reduced. Also white site-blocking advert has been removed.

    PS - We are looking for moderators on our chat. We will be choosing active users who help others.

    Feel free to open a support ticket if you have any suggestions or you face any issues!

  • #5

    FireFaucet Team (Wednesday, 22 January 2020 09:36)

    Update v4.3
    10 days ago - 12th Jan 2020 3:24 pm
    Hello Everyone,

    Here are the highlights of updates added in last few days.

    - PTC Deposit has been redesigned and is now enabled again. You can now buy PTC Credits directly with 5 crypto currencies!

    For next 200 users - Buy PTC Credits (through deposit) and get 25% bonus, without any limits! Use promo code - FIRE2020.

    - Added support for Monero.

    - Added chat rooms for different languages.

    - Fixed : Not able to withdraw Referral Earning in altcoins.

    - Fixed : Daily Rewards not showing timer on dashboard when claimed.

    - Fixed : ACP Conversion history was not displayed correctly.

    - Added optional hCaptcha on Faucet and Daily Bonus.

    - Mining feature is being removed on 15th January for multiple reasons. As an alternative way to earn free ACP, we have :

    - Added AsiaMag, which pays 100 ACP for doing simple tasks (rates may change in future)!

    Feel free to open a support ticket if you have any suggestions or you face any issues

  • #6

    FireFaucet Team (Monday, 03 February 2020 07:36)

    Update v4.4
    16 hours ago - 2nd Feb 2020 3:23 pm
    Hello Everyone,

    Here are the highlights of this update -

    - Removed all popups for even non-prime members (except from 30 min ACP Faucet)! Many users didn't liked popups. We received lots of support tickets regarding malware or adult popups, which was not endorsed by Fire Faucet. This is big change for us, let's see how it goes. *

    - Withdrawal Page has been improved. It shows our stock for both FaucetPay (FP) and Direct Wallet withdrawal (DW).

    - AsiaMag changed servers, so we had to update their URL. TL;DR - It works now!

    - Added MoreQuizTime, an AsiaMag alternative but pays much higher!

    - New Prime Perk: Prime members can now post FREE advertisements new "AD" chat room once every 12 hours!

    Feel free to open a support ticket if you have any suggestions or you face any issues!

    * Please note that popup removal is experimental. Although we do NOT intend to add popups again, but we might need to reconsider our decision in case things do not go as expected.

  • #7

    FireFaucet Team (Saturday, 22 February 2020 16:04)

    Hello Everyone,

    We apologize about our stock which was empty for past 2-3 days. Recently we discovered a critical bug that led to estimated loss of over 3,000$s due to which our funds were depleted.

    We will refill all currencies and are temporarily increasing minimum withdrawal limit for some coins for a few days until our we restore our financial stability. We will try our best to decrease minimum limits ASAP.

    We have also changed the daily maximum withdrawal limit to upto 10$ per day until the time being.

    We deeply apologize for this change, but it was necessary to do so, without which, it won't be possible to keep funds filled all the time. It takes upto 2 months for Fire Faucet to recieve offerwall payments for offer users complete today.

  • #8

    FireFaucet Team (Saturday, 22 February 2020 16:05)

    Hello Everyone,

    We have updated our PTC for Advertisers. The following changes were made:

    - Removed approval. You can now create advert and will be immediately active without any approval process.

    - You can now use all supported currencies to exchange to PTC Credits, instead of just BTC.

    - Promo code can now be used even with PTC Credit exchange (while converting from Crypto to PTC Credits)

    You can use promocode LIMITED50 to get 50% BONUS on PTC Deposit or Exchange! Limited time offer only for next few users!

    - Much more improvements making PTC even better.

    Also we are working hard to keep faucets refilled all the time. We hope our financial stability to recover by first week of next month. Meanwhile, maximum USD withdrawal limit was reduced to 5$ until the time being (it's still 20$ for prime members).

    We deeply apologize for inconvenience caused and delay in withdrawals. We will do everything possible to keep Fire Faucet live long.

  • #9

    FireFaucet Team (Thursday, 03 June 2021 16:51)

    Update v4.8 ✨
    3 hours ago - 3rd Jun 2021 2:00 pm
    Hello Everyone �

    Here are some of the highlights of this update:

    - Completely redesigned our referral system from scratch. Now all your earnings are immediately sent at the time of task completion by your referral instead of waiting for them to withdraw.

    - Referral stats have been improved. You can now see your new referral registrations chart.

    - From now on, you will get 5% referral reward whenever your any of your referral deposits any amount for PTC Credits. This can be an incredible earning opportunity for you, as you can earn a lot of money by inviting just a couple of advertisers.

    - Reworked the core auto faucet system. Now page won't refresh every minute and your earnings will be automatically sent in the background while the tab is open. This saves you a lot of your bandwidth and CPU resources.

    - Improved design and responsiveness of the wallet balance page, it will now display much better on laptops and tablets.

    - Levels and badges have been fixed on chat after ChatBro (our chat plugin) removed customized usernames. This time we have made our own implementation.

    - Level rewards have been changed from BTC to ACP. This was done to improve the sustainability of our site in long term. Also, level rewards have been adjusted a little. This was done because when the rewards were set about 3 years ago, the BTC price was about $4000. With BTC's price, rewards kept rising and rose over 10x in recent times, way more than they should be. Level rewards were set after considering profits and losses that occurred from it according to that time. This was not the behavior we initially expected.

    - You will need to withdraw your old referral earning by 15th July 2021. If you have any old pending balance, you will get option to withdraw on referral dashboard. You can also manually verify by visiting the old referral dashboard.

    Feel free to give your feedback on support ticket or let us know if you have any suggestions.

  • #10

    FireFaucet Team (Wednesday, 16 June 2021 14:46)

    Gift Cards �
    a day ago - 15th Jun 2021 11:55 am
    Hello Everyone �

    In this update, we have introduced Gift Cards as a new withdrawal option. Here are some highlights of our gift cards feature.

    - Support for over 3000 brand vouchers across 70+ countries.

    - Including many popular cash wallet vouchers that are used widely across different countries.

    - Only $1 minimum withdrawal.

    - Soon payments will be processed within few hours.

    - We are offering a 10% discount on all gift card withdrawals for a limited time!

    - And of course, cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere. They will still be supported more than gift cards, and more coins coming very soon �

    We hope you like this update. Feel free to give your feedback on support ticket or let us know if you have any suggestions.

  • #11

    FireFaucet Team (Thursday, 24 June 2021 09:08)

    Update v4.10 ✨
    20 hours ago - 23rd Jun 2021 12:55 pm
    Here are some of the highlights of this update:

    - Added 3 new cryptocurrencies:
    - Binance BEP20 - BNB (Binance smart chain)
    - Monero - XMR
    - Nano - NANO

    - Each gift card redemption now also gives you a lot of activity points depending upon the value of the gift card. Currently, for every $ you will get 250 activity points. This value may change in the future.

    We hope you like this update. Feel free to give your feedback on support ticket or let us know if you have any suggestions.

  • #12

    FireFaucet Team (Thursday, 05 August 2021 09:40)

    Small Update
    3 days ago - 2nd Aug 2021 12:59 pm
    Hello Everyone,

    - Update regarding FaucetPay - As you may know, FaucetPay hasn't been refilled on our site often for past few months. That happened primarily due to amount of fraud it enabled. Most of the fraudsters used FaucetPay to get away with their withdrawal using Faucetpay's instant payment feature.

    Therefore we are making changes to how FaucetPay withdrawals work, we have improved the security and added a 48 hour hold time to all FaucetPay withdrawals. This change does not affect all users. We will now try to refill FaucetPay much more often.

    - Fixed a bug that was introduced in v4.8 that stopped updating the total coins withdrawn details (visible in payout history). All data is now updated. You can now also see total withdrawn value in USD for all your past transactions.