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    TrafficHeap - Admin (Thursday, 13 July 2017 10:30)

    Succeed with TrafficHeap

    TrafficHeap has now over 3,500 successful advertisers, who already made money with us! Are you one of them? We have already delivered almost 15 million hits to our advertisers and still counting! Our average daily returns in our revenue sharing payback program is over 1.50%!
    We are working on adding multiple languages to our system. We have: English, Deutsch, Espanol, Portugues Turk, Romana, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Polskie languages and in the process of adding even more!

    New AdPacks are Coming

    You have requested, we are acting! Lots of you have requested to add different value AdPacks, and our programmers are now working on it! We are also working on different kind of advertising purchases, like pay per exposure, pay per click.

    More updates will be announced soon!

    Membership Advantages

    Everyone wants to be appreciated. We are going to introduce multiple type of memberships, with advantages like priority or instant withdrawals, multiple streams of income, affiliate advantages and more. All of our members who registered prior to completing the membership program will have all of the benefits as a Pioneer member for FREE! Invite your friends now so they won't be left out.

    Introducing AdBar

    Do you like visiting Ads and getting paid for it? Don't have enough funds to participate in our revenue sharing program?

    Our AdBar will be built just for you! You will be able to earn a specified amount of money each day by visiting all the advertised sites inside our rotator. This even applies for free members!

    More updates will be announced soon!

    Paid To Promote

    Have a lot of online visitors what you cannot use for your own goods? Direct them to our Paid To Promote Rotator and earn money! Our PTP program is also in the works, and will be ready to go live soon! We are looking for Beta testers, open a support ticket to participate. A new announcement will be made when the program launches for the public.