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Today I would like to publish my final report on


On 2 January 2016 i registered with Clixten, the membership then on Golden upgraded (75 $). I paid 120 dollars into my account. And then in the further course of 2016 to 4 January 2017 again an additional $ 130.

With the money I paid the membership and rented referrals. At the best times I had over 1000 rented referrals and 102 direct referrals. Until the 21st of December 2016, they also paid off on a regular basis. With me a total of $ 176, and with an investment sum total of $ 250.  I clicked daily so I got the money from my referrals.

Up to 1.6.2017, a total of 7 outpayments were still open (together over 40 $). On my purchase account I had a credit of 10 $. on 2 january 2017 I extended my membership (silver by 20 $).


To inquiries in the support was only generally speaking said nothing.

Also in the internet and the forum piled up the notifications about outstanding payments, partial over 6 months outstanding!


And then on june 2017 all of sudden withdrawals and pending withdrawals, my upgraded membership was downgraded to free member.


For the future, clixten was a complete disappointment, and i will not invest any time or money here. Even if they may pay back in the beginning, these people are not to be trusted and they are great criminals!

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