MoonBitcoinCash - 1. Claim Faucet for BCH!      
 since 2017
 per day up to 0.000005
 Ref click 25 %
 Cashout minimum         0.001
 Payout time 24-48hrs
 Buy direct referrals No is a recent faucet to claim Bitcoin cash.

This site is based on the same principle as,, and It is different from other Bitcoin cash taps because you can request a payment every 5 minutes, Bitcoin cash increase every second so if you do not come to withdraw your Bitcoin cash for example 2 or 3 days your Bitcoin cash will have increased anyway , even if you are not on the site.

The flow slows down over time, so the longer you wait, the sooner Bitcoin cash will accumulate. Payment of each claim and winnings of your referrals in instantaneous to your Microwallet CoinPot

As for other "Moon" faucets, you have a loyalty bonus that adds 1% to your claims for each consecutive day you make at least one cash Bitcoin claim

You can sponsor and you will receive a bonus of 1% for each of your claims and 25% of the claims of your referrals.

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    Moonbitcoin - Admin (Friday, 13 April 2018 07:15)

    Moon Cash faucet has moved to a new domain
    Posted: 2018-04-12 09:00 UTC
    We have been informed that as of 13th April 2018 the Moon Cash faucet has moved from its old domain ( to a new location...

    Your account, referrals, loyalty bonuses and CoinPot earnings will all remain intact and are not affected by this move.

  • #2 (Wednesday, 25 December 2019 20:15)