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Posted on 2017-08-30
First things first.

After a long debate with my staff and colleagues, given the current situation BUXP is into, we have decided to call it a day, say goodbye to our baby and close BUXP in the near future. Why? Reasons enough, such as the declining GPT/PTC market, the negative perception, the hosting problems we have been facing,... but the main reason is called Paypal, which was used by 95% of our advertisers and since it is no longer available, without having decent alternatives on the market, our sales collapsed and BUXP became unsustainable. Compared to certain other GPT/PTC sites, BUXP was relying almost entirely on advertising sales.

We did research potential solutions, but honestly, the investment needed to put into BUXP without having guaranteed results is just too much of a risk. We had options to sell the site but did not feel good about it.

We are not going to abandon our loyal members and investors from the past, so please read the summary of things to keep in mind below...

*BUXP will remain online until the end of 2017
*Advertising purchases can still be made
*Cashouts are no longer possible and you will not be paid for your ongoing activity.
*Current cashout requests will be paid out
*Members who invested in BUXP and have not received their return on investment on this specific purchase can open a ticket mentioning their username and payment email address (paypal, payza or bitcoins). We will pay back the investment(s). We will give more details about the how the paybacks will work tomorrow.

This way, we hope we will compensate everyone completely and no losses are made.

Once again, we are sorry we had to come at this stage and never expected this a couple of months ago, not even weeks ago, but the situation is not improving and this seems, from a business point of view, closing is the only solution.

If you have remaining balance which is not cashed out yet, you can exchange it into ads.

Of course, I am available for questions and feedback - best is to post on the forum topic regarding our closure or open a ticket.




Posted on 2017-08-31
If you are not up to date with why BUXP is closing down, read this newspost or check and discuss on the forum.

We appreciate all the effort many of you have made in promoting and using BUXP. Especially some of our most loyal premium members. We will try to compensate everyone as much as possible, and will look into each individual case. Just give us the time. In the meanwhile BUXP will remain online so the communication purposes (shoutbox, forum, support tickets) can still be used.

Below is a ranking sorted by priority on how we are going to complete the remaining payment requests:

1) pay out remaining payment requests (10 days max)
2) compensate our premium members for their investments which did not reach ROI (end of september - submit a ticket!)
3) investigate requests by loyal members and investors on a case by case level (submit a ticket!)

When do you qualify for bullet point 3?
*high amount on balance that was not cashed out
*multiple investments spread over more than 1 year
*advertising purchases that were not fulfilled (yet)
*... open a ticket mentioning your current balance and payment address and we will look into your case and pay your earnings.

We want to end with a positive note, not going dark without any compensation whatsoever. Once we have the payout situation under control we will set a closing date...

Thank you for your understanding

The end

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