PaySera - the new payment processor on

Paysera is an approved electronic money institution that develops the international payment system.

Paysera has been operating in Lithuania since 2004 and offers competitive exchange rates. Whether you wish to exchange funds with a bank account or between two accounts Paysera, Paysera does so quickly. Users also have 24-hour and 7-day access to Paysera's electronic payment system to track all transactions.

You will not pay any fees to transfer money between Paysera accounts.

It allows to receive money and gives above all the possibility to exchange with other e-currency (payza, paypal ...) or to receive money on his bank account directly.

You also have the option of requesting up to 5 visa cards (not required). the cost of each visa card is 30 euro per year.

For every 1,000 euros transferred 14 euros spawns are included : 1.4% of transaction fees.

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