Paysera is an approved electronic money institution that develops the international payment system.

Paysera has been operating in Lithuania since 2004 and offers competitive exchange rates. Whether you wish to exchange funds with a bank account or between two accounts Paysera, Paysera does so quickly. Users also have 24-hour and 7-day access to Paysera's electronic payment system to track all transactions.

You will not pay any fees to transfer money between Paysera accounts.

It allows to receive money and gives above all the possibility to exchange with other e-currency (payza, paypal ...) or to receive money on his bank account directly.

You also have the option of requesting up to 5 visa cards (not required). the cost of each visa card is 30 euro per year.

For every 1,000 euros transferred 14 euros spawns are included : 1.4% of transaction fees.

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    Paysera - Admin (Wednesday, 31 October 2018 08:47)


    Dear Client,

    We kindly inform you, that from 01/01/2019, the terms and conditions of the General Payment Service Agreement for private and business clients and the provisions of the Privacy Policy change. The changes have been made in accordance with amendments of the Law on Payments in order to detail some provisions of the Agreement and implement joint data control between the participants of the Paysera network.

    Most important amendments to the terms of the Agreement
    In order to provide financial services in an efficient manner and to ensure the security of personal data of our clients, from now on, the services will be provided by several joint venture companies of the Paysera network, which will jointly manage personal data and provide the account opening and payment services:
    - An initial account is opened by the Paysera Ltd company, and proper identification of the Client is performed and an IBAN account is granted by a company, which belongs to the group of Paysera companies and has a license for such activity.
    - An account is opened only upon identification of the Client.
    - In case the Client, who is a natural (private) person, is under the age of 14 (fourteen), s/he shall provide the written consent of the Client’s legal representatives (parents / legal guardians) (applied to natural persons only).
    - Please note, that account top-up instructions are highly important in order to carry out a payment correctly, therefore, the instructions must be checked prior to submitting a payment order for execution. An account number is the main identifier used in crediting funds.
    - If the client did not log in to the Account and perform transactions on the Account for more than two years, but has a residue on the account, Paysera shall apply a monthly account maintenance fee, amounting to 2 EUR for private clients and 5 EUR for business.

    The amendments to the Agreement and the Privacy Policy come into force for all persons, registered in the Paysera system, from 01/01/2019.

    We would also like to share the news, that from now on, you can log in to your Paysera account on the web via the Mobile App. When logging via the App, you will not be asked to carry out additional login confirmation.

    The updated Privacy Policy and the Agreement for private clients and business is available here:
    General Payment Service Agreement for Private Clients
    General Payment Service Agreement for Business Clients
    Privacy Policy

    In case you have any questions, please refer to the Support Center at the address


    Client Support
    Phone: +44 20 8099 6963

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    Paysera (Friday, 28 August 2020 12:04)

    Dear Client,

    Please be informed that we have reviewed and updated the Privacy Policy of Paysera. The main amendments:
    The period of 10 years was established for retaining personal data processed for the purpose of client identification, provision of payment services, and execution of other legal obligations of the payment service provider.
    It is indicated that Paysera uses only necessary cookies and a relevant list of necessary cookies is provided.
    The amendments to the Privacy Policy come into force for all persons registered in the Paysera system immediately after receiving this message.

    Updated Privacy Policy.

    Customer Service Center
    Phone: +442 08 099 6963