"top new bitcoin mining game"   
 since 2018
 per click claim mines 
 Ref click 10 %
 Cashout minimum         0.001 BTC
 Payout time 1 week
 Buy direct referrals No



 12/04/18 produced the launch of a unique technical, economic, online games.

BitCoin Mine is free Bitcoin Mining Game.
Get your own virtual mine and start mining for Bitcoins!
Upgrade your mining farm to produce even more bitcoins!

Ge t 1 FREE mine/Cryptocaves.
Profit: 0.00000020 BTC/day
The profit must be collected once every 24 hours

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    BitcoinMiningGame - Admin (Saturday, 17 November 2018 19:09)

    Good afternoon, dear miners! There are already more than 60,000 of us, which means that the next stage has come in the project. And we will do everything to make BitcoinMine an absolutely eternal and independent game.

    The solution of the accumulated problems

    The economy of the browser game was exhausted by the use of project bugs, we tried to solve problems, punish violators, but this only aggravated the situation. Thousands of calls to those. support, frozen conclusions. The BitcoinMine team decided to remove all restrictions from players who used project bugs. blockchain versionp

    We continue our journey and start a new one. In the near future, the team will announce the blockchain version of the project and its own cryptocurrency "GMTC" (Game BTC). Inspired by the success of the CryptoKitties project, we are creating a decentralized blockchain platform at "" and it will be released now.

    What opportunities are waiting for players:
    the ability to generate your own mines
    decentralized games within the project
    unique development strategy inside the game
    The announcement of the platform at the address "" will take place in early December 2018.

    New opportunities.

    From this day on, the browser project will no longer have stocks to replenish, and players will receive tools to attract new members. It is the involvement of participants in the project will be the main task of the coming months. We will also launch an advertising platform based on BitcoinMineGame.

    Each player of BitcoinMine above level 7 will be able to receive project tokens at an early stage and transfer their profile to the blockchain version. For players above the 9th level, they will have access to a closed pre-sale of tokens, distribution of links to presales (with an increased% of referral), discounts, as well as unique features inherent in the blockchain version of the game.


    We appreciate each player and do not want to make the project another scam. BitcoinMine is a real idea and your support is very important to us. Stay tuned for new news and updates!

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    BitcoinMiningGame - Admin (Friday, 30 November 2018 10:12)

    Dear miners, we are 200 days old! The project continues to grow rapidly!

    In honor of the holiday, we give players +15% for the first deposit and +10% for all deposits.

    We have great news for BlackMiners. Now funds from the robbery of some players will replenish the account of opportunities. You will be able to identify the targets for the robbery with a special icon next to the player's alias.

    Also in the coming days, the project will earn "surfing sites".

    Promotions and bonuses for the project will be valid for 48 hours! Follow the news.