BitPanda, formerly known as Coinimal, is a Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin web wallet with its own trading facility that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency (EUR) and to receive them within minutes. Bitpanda offers 2-Factor Authentication security and several payment methods for cryptocurrency purchases, including:Visa





SOFORT Überweisung (Sofort AG)


SEPA (European Bank Transfer)

EPS (Austrian Instant Bank Transfer)

Skrill OBT (Online Bank Transfer)

Bitpanda also offers coupons and hosts occasional raffles. 

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    Bitpanda - Admin (Thursday, 15 November 2018 17:44)

    Our position on the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork
    There will be a hard fork to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain on November 15th.
    We will not be supporting both coins (Bitcoin ABC und Bitcoin SV). The most important piece of information for our users is that we will temporarily halt the Bitcoin Cash wallets and trading some hours before the fork—this is to comply with current security standards in the industry and ensure all balances stay safe.

    To have the option to have both coins credited you have to withdraw all your Bitcoin Cash funds before the hard fork takes effect on 15.11.2018 at around 16:40 UTC (17:40 CET) to a wallet where you control your private keys.

    As there is no exact time when this will take place due to the fact that it happens on a certain block, you should plan to remove your BCH funds in time for the 15th of November.

    For more information, take a look into Bitpanda’s fork policy in our Terms & Conditions.

    Kind regards from Vienna,
    Team Bitpanda

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    Bitpanda - Admin (Thursday, 15 November 2018 17:45)

    Bitpanda Swap:
    Instantly exchange one cryptocurrency for another

    Bitpanda Swap allows you to instantly and conveniently exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Available worldwide*, no limits, no verification and wallets for each coin and token included.
    Instant exchange of one cryptocurrency to another
    No limits on the transaction size of swaps
    No verification needed to use Bitpanda Swap
    Available worldwide*, all you need is an email address
    Carefree wallet service for all coins included
    Simple and snappy user interface

    How to use Bitpanda Swap
    On Bitpanda click on Trade and then Swap
    Select the cryptocurrency and wallet from which you want to swap
    Select the cryptocurrency to which you want to swap
    Enter the amount you want to swap
    After accepting the terms click Swap now

    Coming soon to the Bitpanda App
    for Android
    You will soon be able to use Bitpanda Swap in our recently released Bitpanda App for Android. We aim to offer the exact same experience and features in our mobile app as on the Bitpanda website, so we are already working on implementing Bitpanda Swap.

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    Bitpanda - Admin (Tuesday, 15 January 2019 11:31)

    What you need to know about the upcoming Ethereum hard fork
    There will be a hard fork to the Ethereum blockchain between the 15th to 17th of January 2019.
    The hard fork—named Constantinople— is a major update to Ethereum’s blockchain protocol which will attempt to address questions of scaling. Despite the update making a lot of changes, it is uncontentious and highly unlikely to spawn any new chains. Therefore, there will be no new coins. The update will alter a number of features and aims to lay the foundation for improving efficiency in the future.

    The Constantinople hard fork on the Ethereum mainnet is scheduled for block 7080000, which is currently estimated between 15th to 17th of January 2019.

    If you are holding Ethereum on a Bitpanda wallet, here’s what you should note:

    You can securely keep your funds in your ETH Bitpanda wallet and you do not have to do anything. We will perform the upgrade and take care of everything for you in the background. In addition we will temporarily disable all Bitpanda Ethereum wallets and may also disable trading if necessary. Wallets could be down around the time the fork takes place. This is to ensure the network’s stability and that all deposits and withdrawals can be safely re-enabled.

    For more information, take a look into Bitpanda’s fork policy in our Terms & Conditions.

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    Bitpanda - Admin (Monday, 04 March 2019 17:22)

    All Bitpanda services are now available in French
    Until recently, Bitpanda has been available in German and English. Now we added full support for French to reflect our growing popularity in France.

    Native French speakers and users of the cryptocurrency trading platform Bitpanda are now able to change their interface to French. As of now the Bitpanda website and broker platform, the Bitpanda Helpdesk as well as the Bitpanda App, will be completely translated—from its easy-to-handle dashboard to its considerate customer support. This also means that every future Bitpanda product and service will be available in French as well.

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    Bitpanda - Admin (Thursday, 23 January 2020 19:57)

    Der erste BEST Token Burn findet am 30. Januar 2020 statt
    Endlich ist es so weit! Bald findet das erste Token Burn Event für unseren Bitpanda Ecosystem Token BEST statt.

    Am 30. Januar 2020 um 14:00 Uhr MESZ werden wir mindestens 25% aller BEST, die für die Bezahlung der Tradingaufschläge verwendet wurden, zerstören (verbrennen). Das werden wir vierteljährlich wiederholen, bis nur noch 50% der Gesamtmenge an BEST übrig sind. Somit reduzieren wir schrittweise die Gesamtmenge an BEST.

    2020 solltest du Bitpanda im Auge behalten
    Wir haben viel vor und möchten BEST für unsere kommenden Produkte und Features einsetzen.

    Wir wollen dich nicht auf die Folter spannen, aber wir werden nicht nur BEST verbrennen - wir stellen euch auch die neuesten BEST Features vor.