Hitleap is an autosurf traffic exchange service. You don't need to view others websites. That means Auto-Hits for you.
It has 2 memberships Standard and golden. As standard, you'll receive 70% of your surfings and as golden you'll receive 100% of your surfs and 5000 monthly minutes for free. It costs $9 a month.
Golden membership will allow you to change referrer traffic to any site you want like twitter, Pinterest etc. + 5000 bonus hits every month.  You can also randomise visit duration and drive limitless traffic to your website!  Commissions From Referrals

10 %of the minutes your referrals earn 20%of the cash value of any purchase. 
The HitLeap Viewer Application allows you to participate in the Traffic Exchange and earns Minutes (Traffic) by viewing websites of other members.
This website is available in English

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