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You can’t know everything and be everywhere and you will always learn something new.
Sometimes even stay shocked if you exchange info’s with other clickers.
Exactly this happened to me few days ago when I received invitation from friend for relaunch of this traffic exchange.
To be honest I never heard about it before for all this years of surfing numerous traffic exchanges.
Later I realized it’s actually new name for well-known Smiley Traffic and everything comes into place.

Originally it was launched back in 2004 and have nearly 200 000 members.
It’s question how many active ones since they are relaunching under new name (means something was not great before).
Can’t say much about because still no time to test new version.
Very experienced admin for sure.

Site have impressive members list in database. Few mails with some attractive offers can quickly turn old surfers into active ones.
Can be good move to check this traffic now in case it recover previous popularity.
It is still fresh for relatively new surfers so it is right time to get some referrals.
 Surfing ratio of 0.4 credits on 12 sec timer is not exactly best deal around.

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    MembersRule - Admin (Thursday, 15 March 2018 08:50)

    WOW! You Members Know How to Recruit!
    An AWESOME Thank You To Those That Recruited Them!

    198 New Members for the Week! Very Amazing!

    Owner Upgrade Profit Share is Already at $0.75 per Member with 17 days to go!

    All I Can Say is WOW! To You People.
    And Thank You!

    A Post from Randy Howard struck me, "Over the Years, Vern has been My Mentor"
    In 7+ Years, Randy has Been My Mentor and a darn Good Friend.
    Someone you Look Up To, CAN work both ways.

    We NOW have Permanent, Surfer Rewards at 131-133 pages! DAILY!
    Cash and Credits for Top 20 Every Week!


    VTG Diamond seems Extremely Popular lately!
    I have 5 spots between now and end of next month!
    03-17-18 is the first!


    A Good Friend Launched a TE on 03-11, Pete Tyson.
    I've been kinda Growling at him on header design.

    Regardless, he's a coder and an IT person offline.
    Lot's of GOOD things will come from this site!
    (Actually Lot's of Unique Stuff has Already Happened!)


    I have the ability to take banners and text Outside the LFMTE script, all others are Trapped inside.
    Square banners has a code you can use anywhere, but not Banners and Text.

    I was the First to code this into script, years ago.

    Your Banners and Text also Rotate at the TOP of Main Page at MembersRule. NO Other Exchange currently does it.

    Decided to make a page and get Referrals for Upgraded members.


    It's All Good as Long as You Market most urls!
    USE and ABUSE Me!
    That's what I'm here for!

    This Isn't MY Exchange, except by Ownership of Domain name.
    It's YOUR Exchange to Do With as YOU Choose.

    Except ME Banning TimTech and LandMarketing for Dictatorship.
    All else is Good! NOW has been banned by Malwarebytes, so I did Good early,
    since I had TimTech banned, which owns

    Thank You for Being Such AWESOME Members!

    Vern Chumbley