"TOP BTC Claim Faucet"   
 since 2017
 per click up to 14 sato.
 Ref click 25 %
 Cashout minimum         30000 sato.
 Payout time 24-48hrs
 Buy direct referrals No

SatoshiHero is a totally free service in its use therefore also the registration is completely free and takes just over 2 minutes to complete all the steps required for registration. We do not oblige anyone to register (usage infos), but if you also want to try to make money online with SatoshiHero, click on the button below called "Visit the project" to be redirected directly to the official website of SatoshiHero.

SatoshiHero is connected to his brother SatoshiMonster (virtually identical) and the balance of the claimed satoshi is shared. Graphically young, it offers the possibility of making 3 consecutive claims every 8/9 minutes. Each claim can give from 1 satoshi up to 200.000 (so they write). In addition to the faucet described above there are also the OfferWalls sections, some games, links and suggestions to other faucets as well as the usual sections for collection and reference.

he site's propaganda says that you can receive up to 200,000 satoshi in a single claim. Obviously it never happened to receive 200,000 sat but the user who suggested the business claims to have received 5,000 sat, once 1,000 sat and many times 100 and 50 sat, the remaining times have been lower level. In my case I confirm that I received a total of 30,700satoshi in 1701 claims, removed the 2 big claims of 5,000 and 1,000, make an average of about 14 sat per claim with the hope of taking a "big" and considering 3 claims every 8 / 9minutes is not bad, in fact I consider it the most generous. There are no particular constraints in use, simply repeatedly request and collect more. Sections: ** get free bitcoins: free faucet ** bitcoin games: 3 games to multiply (or halve) your sat, dice, lottery and slots ** offerwalls: here are at least a dozen offers (wannads, adscendmedia, kiwiwall, revenuehut .......) obviously the reference currency is always satoshi ** morefreebitcoin: section where other related sites are recommended ** withdrawal: section dedicated to the withdrawal of their sat ** settings: from here you can set up a new psw and enable the newsletter ** referrals: page dedicated to references and banners for own propaganda ** help: simple page with faq and contacts ** logout: explains itself,

The reference system can be found on the dedicated page and offers a 25% lifetime income on the earnings of its contacts.

SatoshiHero offers a referral system through which you can optimize your online earnings, but finding referrals in SatoshiHero it is however very difficult! For this reason MoneyMakerLand has activated a "Booking link" service that helps you find free active referrals in SatoshiHero.

As for the withdrawal, the only constraint is the minimum of 30,000 sat after which you can send them to any wallet (do not specify if there are any commissions) The history of the samples is a little thin: date, quantity and status.

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