FaucetCrypto - new top faucet on ptc-top.com

   and more coins!       New top Faucet on ptc-top.com!   
 since 2019
 per click up to 30 coins
 Ref click 25 %
 Cashout minimum         10000 sat
 Payout time 24-48hrs
 Buy direct referrals No

Ways of earning:


  • Shortlinks - The most used task is the shortlinks, although they are the most annoying, will be where will come the majority of your Coins!
  • Web Mining is the task that you do not have to be on the computer to compelte it, just let the website open you will be winning!
  • Hourly Reward -  This task is the simplest one, you just need to click a button to get the reward, but the button only enables every 1 hour!
  • Multiples Cryptocoins -Withdraw your balance by converting into several different Cryptocoins, with no fee to Faucethub.io!
  • Instant Withdraw - Receive your Cryptocoins at the time you withdraw, without any delays or freezing!

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