since 2019
 per claim to 0.0015 $
 Ref claim 7 %
 Cashout minimum         1 USD
 Payout time 24-48hrs
 Buy direct referrals No

Ptc share is a paid to click and advertising site, Standard members can earn money by doing simple tasks like;

-clicking ptc ads

-completing surveys

-and also many tasks are available

-you can also advertise to get traffic from more sources like ptc ads,login ads,banner ads,link ads...



 No Need Invest to Receive Payment..

 daily bonus advertisement points reward & multiple tasks to earn

 regular payment and payment within a day & Minimum Withdraw $1.5

 Daily earnings increase with increase of BAPs, referrals and APSs.

 Quick response of support ticket.



 Low cost of each ptc ad

 Referral clicks earnings are very low

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    PTCshare Team (Sunday, 02 May 2021 18:46)

    2021-05-02 15:31:51

    Over 1,700 Bulk Ads purchased in our last sale! These memebers enjoyed a 30% additional boost on the regular 118% bonus we give on Bulk Ad campaigns

    Thank you all for being part of PTCshare! We'll be doing more events very soon so make sure to stay tunned

  • #2

    PTCshare Team (Wednesday, 05 May 2021 12:09)

    Due to payment processor issues we've been dealing with delayed perfect money cashouts lately.
    We just did another round of payments and hope to be able to solve these issues soon for once and for all.
    All other methods kept getting paid in max 2-3 days as usual.

    In other news: We have some promotions upcoming soon, keep an eye out for them!