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          Great Top Claim Faucet and PTC Ads!   
 since 2020
 per click 0.000014 BTC
 Ref click 25 %
 Cashout minimum         5000 Sats
 Payout time up to 4 days
 Buy direct referrals No

Claim up to 0.0125 BTC every hour.

- Earn up to 50 Satoshi by visiting shortlinks.

- Earn huge rewards by completing offers.

- Earn up to 105 Satoshi by visiting websites at PTC ad section.

- Get lifetime commissions of up to 25% every time your referrals claim!



- Complete tasks and earn levels. Every level you reach, your rewards get bigger, up to x3.75!


- Weekly and monthly Referral Contests, Offerwalls Contests and Shortlinks Contests


- Lottery: Win a big prize in our weekly lottery! Each ticket costs only 10 Satoshis!

- CPU Mining: [Optional] You can earn more by offering your CPU power. You can choose how much of you CPU power to be used for mining.


- Achievements: Claim free Bits for being active, do offerwalls, visit shortlinks, get referrals and claim faucets to get more free Bits


- Jobs: We have so many jobs, you can do them very easily and earn thousands of satoshis.


- Investment Game: Guess if Bitcoin's price will go higher or lower in the next 5 minutes and multiply your Bits. This game is 100% legit!


Bitcoin value gets updated every minute by CoinDesk, there is no way to manipulate or to know the outcome of this game.

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