Bitpanda Stocks is coming

Dear Bitpanda partner,


In line with our mission to tear down the barriers to personal finance, we are proud to announce that we, at Bitpanda, are bringing traditional stocks and ETFs into the 21st century.


As Europe’s pioneering neobroker, Bitpanda is now expanding its range of digital assets of cryptocurrencies and metals to also include fractional shares and ETFs.


With the Bitpanda Stocks Beta, you and your users will initially be able to invest in fractional shares of 57 selected stocks and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) on Bitpanda, featuring the world’s most popular companies any time you want - and we will keep adding more stocks to invest in on an ongoing basis.


Bitpanda affiliates with traffic from any EU country (excluding Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) are able to participate in our raffle. Users residing in the Republic of Turkey are, unfortunately, excluded. We are very happy to invite you and your users to get your first stock on Bitpanda credited to your account for free. Plus, you could even win a Tesla Model 3 Performance! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to increase your affiliate earnings. 


The first stock is on us

To celebrate, invite your new and existing users to participate in our giveaway on Bitpanda, where they can get a free stock — chosen at random and valued between €5 and €200 — for free. This is how your users get their free stock:

They must ensure that they have a verified Bitpanda account

They must have deposited at least €25 into their account at least once

Log in to their account once the Bitpanda Stocks Beta is available

Accept the new terms and conditions in their Bitpanda account

Once they have accepted our new terms and conditions (T&C), they will automatically receive a random fractional stock worth between €5 and €200 credited to their account, once Bitpanda Stocks is live.

Win a Tesla Model 3 Performance

You are also eligible to win a Tesla Model 3 Performance. For you as an affiliate, your referrals also count towards winning the Tesla Model 3 Performance. So make sure you increase your chances of winning!

Invest in stocks on Bitpanda

Your users will be able to invest in all their favourite digital assets in one place, invest from as little as €1 in fractional shares, swap them for other assets and create savings plans, just like with any other digital assets on Bitpanda, 24/7.


With the Bitpanda Stocks Beta, your users will initially be able to invest in fractional shares of 57 selected stocks and ETFs (exchange-traded funds). We will also continually expand our portfolio of stocks offered on Bitpanda and add new assets on an ongoing basis. Since you yourself are also a Bitpanda user, you will also be eligible to get a free stock. This is a great chance for you as well as for your users to start investing in stocks - commission-free!


With Bitpanda, you can invest in stocks and ETFs any time you like – on a cozy Sunday afternoon or during a late-night session, it’s up to you.

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