Crypto staking, credit and lending 2021:

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Lending platforms where you deposit your existing crypto credits and receive good interest for them. We are talking about interest of up to 18 percent annullay.

Why leave your cryptocurrencies in your wallet without profit and not invest in the long term?!


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Nexo describes itself as the world’s leading regulated financial Institution for digital assets. Antoni Trenchev is the co-founder and managing partner. It was founded in 2017 and is based in London, England. Nexo has raised $52.5 million in funding and claims to have over $15 billion in assets under management.

Nexo is a cryptocurrency platform that allows customers to earn interest on crypto deposits and also take out loans. Below we break down how each option works.

Interest can be earned on crypto and stablecoins. Crypto pays up to 8% while stablecoins pay up to 12%. Interest is compounded daily which means you get an interest payout every day. Money can be added and withdrawn at any time. There isn’t any lockup period on deposits.

While fiat money can be withdrawn at any time, there are limits on the number of times you can withdraw crypto. These limits range from 1 to 5 times per month and are dependent on your loyalty tier. Here are the four tiers, their requirements.

To earn between 8% and 12%, at least 10% of your portfolio will need to be in Nexo so that you're eligible to be a Platinum-level client.

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BlockFi is the regulated and transparent crypto lending platform investors have long been waiting for. The company is experiencing a massive 25% monthly user growth and is set to become a dominant player in the centralized crypto finance space, fueled by venture capital from big dogs like Peter Thiel (founder of PayPal), Coinbase, and the Winklevoss twins.


Headquartered in New York, BlockFi is a peer-to-peer lending platform for crypto-backed loans, providing investors with high yield interest accounts with compounding returns and crypto-to-USD loans to borrowers at attractive rates.


BlockFi is licensed by 30 top-tier financial authorities in the US and uses NYDFS-regulated Gemini for storing clients assets under strict banking laws, making it a trusted provider for interest-bearing crypto accounts and for borrowing cash or stablecoins without selling your crypto.

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Poloniex Staking

Staking on Poloniex offers customers a simplified way to earn rewards by depositing and holding assets in their account. For each asset, balance snapshots will be taken each day to determine the staking rewards that you will receive.

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The Klever App is a safe, secure and decentralized P2P crypto wallet for Bitcoin (BTC), TRON (TRX), Ethereum (ETH) and other top coins, tokens and cryptocurrencies.

With over 750,000 downloads from 193 countries worldwide, the Klever App attracts a global audience of blockchain enthusiasts and cryptocurrency holders.

The wallet is in 30 different languages.

The Klever app is based on the Klever operating system, which uses advanced security mechanisms that fully protect the user's private keys and makes private keys and confidential data available only on the specific device of the user. The latest military technology standard is used for encryption. This means that you really own and control your Bitcoin, TRON, Ethereum and other crypto tokens.

No third party, including the Klever app, can access your private keys or restrict a transaction that the user chooses to do.

Transactions of coins and tokens are direct, secure and fast and are immediately recorded in the blockchain. The Klever app lets you use the widest range of dapps on the blockchain, including games, entertainment, decentralized finance and other uses for distributed P2P ledger applications.

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Binance Lending

Binance has recently launched its lending platform that works on a first-come, first-served basis. Users are able to lend their USDT, BNB, BTC as well as other 23 cryptocurrencies. 

The last batch of products was for privacy coins, DASH, XMR, and ZEC with a 3.5% annualized rate. Binance will constantly add new coins and tokens based on demand. Users have only limited time to ‘subscribe’ and a limit on how much they can lend.

Pretty much all lending products have an initial 14-day period after which the initial amount and the interest will automatically be sent to your account. Users will need to re-subscribe for the next period if they want to lend their coins again. 

The interest rate is guaranteed, which means that users will profit from it unless the value of the specific asset goes down by a lot. Binance stated that the total lending amount for each cryptocurrency is based solely on the demand of Margin Trading.


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Celsius is a crypto lending platform that is acting in your best interest.

It is a peer to peer crypto lending company facilitating borrowing and lending for the people who needs it the most. For borrowers, there are low-interest rates, whereas, for the lender, there is a fair share of the income distribution.

Celsius believes that the world needs banking but doesn’t need a bank. So it has taken it upon itself to be that kind of service that provides banking services to the billions who have no financial playing field, but they do have their mobile phones.

Celsius is leveraging the power of blockchain and blockchain-based tokens to provide a just system that is built ground up by a team of competent people to take it to the masses.

Thus Celsius’s goal is to bring the next 100 million into crypto by providing them services that aren’t available to general masses via traditional financial institutes.

Read More 7 Comments is a one-stop-shop for users to buy, spend and save cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin. With a multitude of staking options to unlock various features such as interest rewards, cash-back and rebates, the company is strongly geared towards everyday individuals looking to make the most of their digital asset holdings.

The platform uses two native tokens, MCO and CRO, which serve different roles in the company’s larger ecosystem. MCO, the first token created by the project, is used as a staking mechanism to unlock tiered benefits and to upgrade credit cards with higher feature sets. In short, the more MCO you stake via the mobile application, the higher savings, rebates and cash-back incentives become available to you.

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Have you ever considered maximizing your cryptocurrency? Sure enough, being around to trade your cryptocurrency assets for other altcoins on exchanges is a nice way to diversify your portfolio. Even more so is the idea of supporting various blockchain projects in the hopes that ROI is great.

Or, you can simply HODL. As any cryptocurrency investor or enthusiast would probably know by now, following the HODL philosophy may just be the best way to keep your digital assets secure and strong – given how volatile cryptocurrency is. 

And in essence, that’s what this innovative platform YouHodler, has to offer. By offering fiat loans in exchange of cryptocurrency assets, it’s essentially HODLing with additional perks of transparency and opportunities to diversify your coins. Let’s find out more about this platform in this brief Review.

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CoinLoan challenges the foundations of traditional financing by combining the worlds of crowdlending and cryptocurrencies. CoinLoan has much to offer to ambitious investors and eager borrowers, but what does the platform really bring to the table? Find out in this complete CoinLoan review and get started with P2P crypto lending today.


What Is CoinLoan?

CoinLoan is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform that specializes in securing loans with cryptocurrency. The way it works is that you, the borrower, temporarily relinquishes control of a predetermined amount of cryptocurrency – Bitcoin for example – as collateral to be exchanged for fiat currencies (EUR, USD, etc.). 

For added insurance for both the investor and borrower, loans are “over-collateralized.” This means that after depositing your cryptocurrency onto the CoinLoan platform as collateral, you can receive a loan up to 70% of the market value.

Should the value of your crypto collateral drop during the term of the loan, the remaining 30% should act as insurance that can be sold by CoinLoan to pay back the investor.

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ETHLend (LEND) is a decentralized peer to peer lending smart contract platform based on lending Ethereum by using tokens as collateral on the Ethereum Blockchain. ETHLend allows for both lenders and borrowers to discuss loan details removing any middlemen, in turn, this means lenders and borrowers can create loan contracts with customizable terms. 

ETHLend can use any ERC-20 token (MANA, SNT, BNB etc) as collateral for Ethereum, as of now only borrowers can create loan contracts on ETHLend. To create a loan contract the borrower must state interest details, amount of tokens required and any other additional details, if the lender agrees with the contract the loan will take place. ETHLend has made it if the borrower fails to repay the loan the lender will collect the collateral as payment which is more than they actually have to repay, this is a great system as it stops scammers just running away.

ETHLend solves many problems that are faced by millions of people who may need a loan these include trust, access, and interest. Since ETHLend is completely decentralized this removes the need to trust the other party, users can also trust their collateral is safe as it is locked and controlled by smart contracts. Access is key as it allows for users to arrange a loan from anywhere in the world compared to the centralized/mainstream methods of applying for a loan which would be to meet in person and get approval, instead, users can receive their loan in minutes due to Blockchain Technology. Interest rates are no longer determined by politics, finance or banks as both lenders and borrowers can arrange an interest rate that suits both parties.

ETHLend have many plans for improving on their platform which is key in order to differentiate them from lower ranking competitors. Future plans involve implementing lending Bitcoin utilizing dApps, penalties for late payments which could result in burning LEND tokens or unable to apply for loans due to a soft ban and eventually lending all ERC-20 tokens which would be really significant to the market and ETHLend would definitely thrive as it has never been done before in a decentralized manner.

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