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Tvorim-Dobro - new hyip on - 4.4 % daily for 34 days

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FreeBitcoin - new test site on


HitClickFlow - closed 03.03.2017

EMS Forum:



I'm an ex-admin of - why ex? As I closed this site today.
Let me explain you what happened:

I ran out of cash, as simple is that. But it's not your cash only I ran out of.
The site had about 45k usd in deposits and over 53k in withdrawals so that
difference I covered from my own pocket.

I also covered server fees, ddos protection fees and advertising costs so it
was another 6-7k USD.

So I ended up with 15000 USD debit on my account that I have to pay off now.

I'm telling you this only because I don't want some people to think that I ran away with
full pockets.

What did I do wrong? Let me tell you few things about ptc sites:


Why did I fail? I opened a site with no paypal at the beginning. Site with no paypal, pure ptc
site I mean has no chance to survive. Everyone is moaning about f*** paypal even if they know
that will end up with troubles.

And it did. I was begging my partner to use his pp account and as far as I know their pp account
is closed now - my big apologies for that.

Why did I switched to manual paypal at some stage? To fool paypal. They won't see the source
of money coming in. So every site which is taking money with that method is fooling paypal
and it will end up the same way I did at some stage.

What else did I do wrong? I was to honest and let earn too much with too high RR AVG and adgrid

PTC site will not survive with selling ads only. Why is that? Because 99% of people coming in to the
site doesn't give a s**t what they see and what they click about. They don't care, only thing they
care about is their own pocket. Large groups of useless users are clicking on the sites like robots
but admin will never get anything out of that, unless they invest something.


I'm sorry for all those which lost money on my site and congrats for those which made huge ROI's.


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advcash - the new payment processor on

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Richmond Berks - new Online Investment Test Site on

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Dimondclix - currently in the test phase of

Update 01/01/2017:  non payments from dimondclix - do not invest - status scam!!!


New at is currently dimondclix. The website makes a good impression and is characterized by high click rates, also for free member.

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okik - website offline - scam?

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Clixsense - Problems with hacker

Hello Everyone, first let me apologize for the issues today. Over the last several weeks we have been the target of a hacker who I believe first created the bot csadviewer and then moved on to submitting ads that when a viewer opened an attachment that popped up they got infected and their PC was compromised. Today, this hacker changed our DNS to a wonderful gay porn site. They removed our websites and email and of course with it being Sunday its hard to get any support. My phone has been ringing off the hook and my email blowing up. Please do not call or write in. We're definitely aware of this problem.




The ClixSense servers were not hacked and all of our servers are still intact and your account information was not effected. As I said above, its a DNS hack. It may take a bit for the site to fully come back online due to propagation but it will be back as soon as possible.


Again, I am sorry this happened and it's certainly not the way I planned to start my Sunday.



Jim Grago

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Trafficmonsoon closed - scam

The next big player (Trafficmonsoon) has been closed and has turned out to be fraud . Obviously, the Provision has long official investigations on running and was now the reason for the closure from Trafficmonson.

Look here on "read more"!

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Sentclix and Vertclix - scam?!

There are many negative information about currently and sentclix vertclix the net. Obviously, there are problems with payments , with the contact / ticket and also with Paypal . Therefore, our test page " vertclix " removed and classified as scam ! Unavailable invest ! If there is news , we will inform you here !


Many PTC monitor Vertclix have and to Sentclix classified Scam !

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Buxvertise - Review - unprofitable

I would like to briefly share with you my experience with buxvertise . On March 26, 2016 I became a member and paid $ 100 on my account . With the money I made an upgrade to my account " Buxer " . The rest of the money I invested in rented referrals. I could then increase in a few weeks , the number of rented Referrals on 250th.

I clicked every day , the rented referrals were automatically renewed . This turned out however, so unprofitable . My account was always small , and I could no longer pay the extensions for the rented Referrals partially .

I'm going to hire any additional referrals and do not renew my upgrade the account after one year .

After this year, I will also remove Buxvertise from my homepage and to focus on other profitable websites .

If someone wants to hire many rented referrals , I would clearly recommend Clixten which is highly profitable !

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Crisclix non payments - scam

Several reports indicate that Crisclix performs no payments and it causes problems .

Therefore no longer perform deposits and watch closely if it comes back to change!


Crisclix has over 100,000 members and is over 500 days online .


Currently classified as :




>> Go to the scamlist from <<

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Are all online investments / hyip scam just like pokeram, amazing5, forex king, rixos finance, bitera?

The last time piling up the negative reports about online investments (HYIPs). Many well-known providers such pokeram, amazing5, bitera, forex king, coppertradepro, Rixos finance, Capital 7, completed the payouts and were classified as fraud sites (SCAM).

It arises for many, the question is to invest further or to withdraw from the market. It should be clear to all that not to be permanent daily returns of over 10 percent every day possible and it is a fraud.

How to proceed, either continue to "play" or look for other safe forms. The Hyips can still turn a profit if you invest properly at the beginning and the side then survived several months, then you get off at a profit, otherwise a loss.


My online investments:

It should make a picture every itself and therefore I give the report does not make recommendations, only a list of where I am currently investing.


Current High investment:

·         Recyclix (medium risk)

·         Salipay (high risk)


Current low investment:

·         Forexparadise (high risk)

·         Venture alliance (very high risk)

·         Bandeira corporation (high risk)

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Amazing5 - not paying - scam?

Currently Amazing5 performs no payouts . Furthermore, they are not accessible via the helpdesk .

Poor evidence - not deposit currently !


On the Internet there also rumors that posts in the millions on a single account had been moved from Amazing ...


I hope that the rumors have no bad background and it comes back to payouts .


Currently, however, do not pay !

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Ayuwage - new in the Scamlist from

It login many users and indicate that there would be problems with the payment of Ayuwage . Also the support would not respond.

When therefore be cautious and our tip : wait with Investing

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Paypal stops cooperation with clixten

Bad news for clixten , Paypal terminated cooperation with clixten and is not more than payment providers available. White paypal more like us or carves a little something on . After Trafficmonsoon the next big players which no longer works with Paypal .

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Pokeram is a scam

Pokeram - the king of hyips has stopped paying, do not invest anymore. Incredible... the story about the new owner is probably a cheap excuse.

I myself have 1 BTC paid, but the money was never credited me with my account .

On several support calls has never responded !



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littlebux is a scam

The forum ist closed! Complaints on many forums about pending payments!


"20. February 2016: LittleBux has had payment problems in the last few days. Some members were paid instantly, while others complained about pending payments. The admin said, he has to audit all payments due to fraudulent activity."

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Pokeram - Unavailable invest

Unfortunately, the rumors have come true , at Pokeram there are problems because of the change of ownership . So not currently invest and wait and see !

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Lately we often heard that there are problems with payment of innocurrent . Is there one of you experience this?

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Trafficmonsoon - transitioning from using PayPal to opening our own TM World Bank

News from trafficmonsoon about  IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT PAYMENT PROCESSORS. Read here about the information!



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The next big player! Much will be written and reportet! Now what's wrong?

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About one of the biggest PTC sites,, much will be written and reportet! Now what's wrong? 

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